Crit'Air Sticker needed ? - Update 2019

Hi Survivers,
are you aware that from today on you need a Crit’Air sticker on your car for certain regions in France and the rest of Europe. Actually you would have needed it since a year, but from today on they fine you.

Hi Bernhard

We discussed this in February… some of us have our discs… others will doubtless get them if and when… :wink: It’s good to know the official cost is only about 4 euro… that won’t break the bank. Sadly, some third-party companies are shamelessly charging folk an inflated price.:sob:

RAC and the French Government Site are very helpful…

and the French Government site:

We applied for ours as we may need to go into Lyon for hospital visits.
It was quick and easy and arrived within fourteen days.

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A couple of months ago I applied online from the UK and was both surprised and impressed to receive it by post within a week. We’ve since emigrated to the Aveyron and wish everything else official was so simple. Nevertheless, it’s great that here tomatoes taste the way tomatoes should.

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and local strawberries… oh yes… much better than imported ones…:heart_eyes: welcome to France…:grin:

though, to be fair, local produce is generally better tasting … in whatever country… :wink:

Just like DrMark, I applied (I used the French government web-site) and it landed in the UK 6 working days later.
peasy weasy!

Two years later and things are getting stricter.

Found this handy real-time air pollution level indicator map. It’s set for Toulouse but just tap in whatever city you like.

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We got our sticker a couple of years ago (on the off chance) - as we were visiting Paris and Lyon quite often.

The other day a neighbour pointed at the CRIT/Air sticker on our windscreen and asked if we British have to pay a special car tax :wink::crazy_face: He had no idea what it was …:thinking:

Hummmmm not surprising Stella - there is a view that the fee’s collected for the stickers (at 3,62€ for delivery in France) have just disappeared into the coffers. Since their introduction, the anti-pollution restrictions have been activated only once in Toulouse!

Given their wide application the Government must have raked in … thousands :slight_smile:

Seriously, I can’t imagine there was much, if any, “profit” in their distribution.

We have one - we sometimes play a game of “spot the Crit’Air sticker” either in the queue waiting to get our passport checked at Ouistreham or in the Super U car-park in Malansac, needless to say we don’t often see any others in the wild.

Seuls les véhicules munis d’une vignette Crit’Air de classe 0, 1 et 2 seront autorisés à circuler à l’intérieur du périmètre délimité par l’A86, soit Paris et la petite couronne. Les autres véhicules, voitures à essence immatriculées avant fin 2005 et diesel immatriculées avant fin 2010 (vignettes Crit’Air 4, 5 mais aussi désormais 3), ne pourront pas circuler.

Thankfully, we fall within the accepted criteria - phew - now all I have to do is think of a good reason for driving to Paris in a heatwave …:crazy_face:

We got one on the off chance that we might have to go to a hospital in Lyon.

Absolutely, Jane, very important. If anything crops up, you don’t need any extra worries.

Like you, we have it on the windscreen and it means we can dash anywhere without a second thought.

(we’ll be there in the autumn for a car show)

Morning All

Totally missed this.

Apologies in advance for my total ignorance but what is a Crit’Air sticker.

Living in rural Normandy, how relevant is this ?


For those who missed this link… here it is again.

You can read it in any language, just change at the top right corner.

(Andy, take a look and see if you think you might find your self needing a sticker. It all depends on where you want to drive and not everyone is affected.)

Thanks Stella,

You must be the site’s go to person.

Have a good day


Cheers Andy - but it just depends who’s sitting at the keyboard. :relaxed::relaxed:

Anyone in Lyon or Villeurbanne ???

À partir de mercredi matin 06h00, les véhicules qui ne disposent pas de vignettes Crit’Air ou qui disposent de vignettes de classe 3, 4 ou 5 ne pourront pas circuler sur les villes de Lyon et Villeurbanne, hormis certaines voiries comme le périphérique nord et les autoroutes A6, A7 et A42, précise la préfecture dans son arrêté. Sur le territoire, cette exclusion des véhicules les plus polluants concerne près de 65% des véhicules.

They introduced this into germany some decades ago. It ended up that vintage cars and cars or vehicle with no catalytic converter are banned from these areas. Another money making racket.