Curfew in parts of France

Mme la Préfète announced yesterday that the couvre-feu could be imposed here in the Tarn within the next week to 10 days if things don’t improve.
My nephew had it a week ago, one of my sisters-in-law is recovering at the moment (both in the Aveyron) and one of her sisters (Toulouse) is not good with covid either. Stay safe people, it’s out there, everywhere, and the second wave is gathering pace :frowning:


sorry to hear about your family… as you say… it’s out there and it’s not particular on whom it descends… none of us is immune…

take care, keep safe… everyone…


sadly @smw there are some on this forum who seem to think they are :roll_eyes:


The Prefect of Herault has issued an edict that masks must be worn at all times except in non urbanized areas. I was warned yesterday when out walking in the rural area where I live passing through a hamlet that I should be wearing a mask.
What is an urbanized area? I think it must mean that you should be masked when outside of your home.

“urbain” would probably refer to the confines of a commune, so, within the limits of the roadside signs that indicate the entry into, and exit from, a commune, hamlet, etc.

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And we can’t see whether they are symptomatic or not.
It is those who go on their way unaware that they are condemning their fellow citizens to illness and possible death that pose the greatest danger.
Another old saw is empty vessels make the most sound.

Looks like the Auvergne may be headed to curfew: