Damned COVID Statistics

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What are the daily infection rates in mainland metropolitan France…I saw about 4,500 but seems very low

This is the rolling 7-day average of daily cases for the UK and France since the start of August - currently around 5,000 per day for France and 38,000 for the UK.

I was particularly surprised that the August holidays in France didn’t increase cases. Vaccinations in France didn’t overtake the UK until mid-August, so I think the main reason for the marked decline in cases here must be the continued use of masks, covid passes, etc.


Thanks…almost too good to be true, but I do believe it having heard first hand at how the UK is so blasé about masks and even covid certs, which I think are so sensible.

Yes the UK is staying pretty flat cases wise although more cases than we’d like obviously. Well us lab rats will show how the issue rolls on and indeed how it compares to other countries especially through the winter. Wish us luck!

I’d be interested to know if France has similar testing protocols. For example, as a school worker I have to test twice a week as do the students. My niece recently tested positive despite having no symptoms. NHS workers also have to test regularly whether they work in a clinical setting or not. Many other employers also ask for regular testing. Is this happening in France too?
I’m wondering because it may be that the UK is testing far more people and may be picking up the asymptomatic cases that are being missed in France and elsewhere.
Is it possible that there are fewer cases elsewhere because there is simply less testing? It seems a little odd that with similar levels of vaccination the UK has so many more daily cases.
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That may well be the case Izzy, I thought about that too. Less testing will reveal less cases but I speak with a daughter in law a few times each week. She is a nurse in a local A and E / Covid ward in the nearby hospital. The hospital has a catchment area of at least 75000 people and she reports no cases in the hospital.

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Your suggested explanation doesn’t address why UK deaths from Covid are currently three times a high as those in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

There’s a well-detailed analysis of today’s situation in France at

How does France count it’s Covid deaths? The UK has a bizarre method (in my opinion) of counting everyone who dies within 28 days of a positive test no matter what they die of. So that when the daily statistics are announced the deaths are described as “those who have died with Covid” not of Covid. Is that the same in France? Unlikely, I imagine.
I’m also wondering if it has something to do with how tightly we are all packed in her in the UK as opposed to France. Similar population but the UK has half the surface area.
As a Doctor can you shed any light on the difference in cases?

Dont they mean per week?

No it really is more than 40,000 a day. But why? Are there really more than elsewhere in Europe or are we just finding more because of testing? In the school where I work about 10% of the students are absent with Covid, the majority of whom have no symptoms and we would not have known about but for the twice weekly testing.
Do schools in France test their students twice a week?
What’s the reason for the massive difference in cases? Us it testing? Is it the use of masks? Anyone???
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@Corona …no it really is 40,000 A Day!! about x10 our count, with about 150 deaths a day, can’t understand why this remotely acceptable…but then one remembers the power and domination of the TORY right wing freedom advocats :japanese_ogre:

There are 2 measures of covid deaths in the the UK. The most widely used figure - giving the cumulative total just over 138,000 - is the ‘death after a positve test’ figure you mentioned. But the more accurate figure, where covid is stated as the cause of death on the death certificate - is much higher - over 160,000. Not surprisingly, the UK government only ever mentions the lower figure (despite the fact that it actually calculates the higher, through the Office for National Statistics).

EDIT - Oh there’s also the ‘excess deaths’ figure - ie. all deaths from any cause in excess of what would be expected (according to the average of previous years) - this would include deaths indirectly related to covid - eg. because people are reluctant to get medical help when they need it because they are afraid of covid, or their treatment has been delayed by lack of hospital staff, beds, etc.


I keep an eye on my local area and thats around 2265, down a little from previous week by 305.
Well we will see where that leads us lab rats. I am one of the few wearing a mask when out/travelling etc.

I envisage some restrictions being re-introduced in the UK before Christmas if daily case numbers/deaths get much higher and simply do not understand why compulsory mask wearing was removed in England as it’s such a simply measure to help stop the spread of the virus.

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Seconded, die of covid or die with covid.
Rates of vaccination has stalled making us one of the worst countries at just over 60% of the population. Experts saying you need to reach 85%.

Guess that must be in UK.?

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Perhaps @vero can tell us about Covid testing in French schools. I would be very interested to hear. Thanks.
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According to ‘Our World in Data’ the UK vaccination rate is 67.7%, just ahead of France and Germany.

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