Dear Santa, I would like for Christmas

Post your Christmas wish list here, and I'll see that Santa gets it!

@marijke taffein THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! you ARE Mrs SANTA ha ha ha

"ditto" on your post Annie

double chocolate Christmas Cake......gotta be possible SOMEWHERE!!!!

Definitely option 2.

@Jacqueline. No definitely not France, just the job.

Thanks Lis! Have a Blessed Holiday!

Or a kindle would be good.........

A finished house and to be 10 kilos lighter???????????????????

A job would be nice!

A change of direction, GET ME OUTA HERE!!!

failing that a Macbook Air would be nice x

a painfree labour without drugs please - it's been done before as I don't think the 3 wise men or shepherds heard Mary complaining....

World peace :-)

....this one is for you Shauna - good luck - I'm sure that would be the best Christmas present.... :)

Normal blood work at my next oncology visit.....and a little snow wouldn't hurt either...!

..SEX 'N' DRUGS 'N' ROCK 'N' ROLL...(.rip and very cultured guy)

I'd like a spotty foal too, it'd match our spotty dogs...

I have to follow with a similar wish to Jacqueline, that the court in the UK will see the truth behind the lies and grant the children and I everything we propose .........and much more! :-)

A Spotty foal; but then again I've been asking for the same thing for over 40 years,so I'm beginning to wonder if Father Christmas actually exists??