Definitive statement of speed limits in the dordogne?

Mmmm… first speeding offence in France since we arrived in 2005. I was recorded at 90km/h in an 80 zone. I was under the impression speed limit in the dordogne was 90km/h unless otherwise stated. Our newish (4yr) car does display speed limits as you drive along but I didn’t see. Repeated journey again (Bergerac to Eymet, D933) and was surprised to see 80km/h displayed on the screen of the car for most of the journey.

Anyone know the official speed limit for the dordogne and how many reduced zones are actually marked?

Oh no, no, no no, no. There is no blanket limit in the Dordogne they are interspersed 80/90 in places where it is considered most likely that you will be lulled into a false sense of security.

I got caught with a new limit of 90 between Nontron and Perigueux on a road much of which I would not think worthy of 90, with an 80 just after Chateau Leveque, nice and straight, safe for 90 but…80. :rage:

I now drive at 80 everywhere where it is not marked lower and I don’t give a shit about those backed up behind me. :rofl:


Same here David!

I was recently caught doing 84 in what I thought had to be a 90 zone… near Chateau Leveque.

Can you pinpoint the camera location from the codes on the notifying paperwork that they send you?
My paperwork says route ‘Bergerac à Eymet’. I know of the occasional cameras near Sigoules, Fonroque, bottom of hill (Eymet side of Rouffignac) but I don’t think any of those positions had a camera on the day I was caught. The only other camera is in the 70kph zone on the Bergerac side of Rouffignac and I was clocked ‘in an 80kph limit zone’, so not there …

From everything I’ve read… the limit in Dordogne is 80 … unless actually marked for more or for less …

OH drove us around Perigueux/Chat l’Évêque recently…
and seeing the number of vehicles dashing past us… I suspect you are not the only driver receiving a “speeding offence”. :roll_eyes: :wink:


I’ve found that doing 80kph where no other limit is indicated works nicely.

Don’t forget that your speedometer will never indicate a lower speed than your true speed and can indicate a considerably higher speed depending when and where your vehicle was made.

I seem to remember U.K. speedometer regulations allowing the instrument to indicate 110% of true speed +6.5 mph, so at 100mph, your U.K. legal speedometer could indicate a speed of 116.5mph.

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There are 2 mobile bidirectional ones on that road and they are always moving them about.
It is safest to stay under 80 if nothing else is indicated, but it is confusing - eg the N21 is limited to 80 if you’re going south between Pgx and Berg but it’s 90 going north.

I take the D 14 (between the N21 at Monbazillac and St Philippe du Seignal) to work every day and most of it is 70.

I take it you mean your were flashed, but not fined. There is supposed to be a leeway of 5 km/hr to allow for variations in the camera’s accuracy. I normally set my cruise control at 84 which should produce a real limit of 80 as I know that my car’s speedo always registers 4 less than the satnav speed.

So I generally rely on that but there is a caution to be recognised. The satnav is very accurate but can lose accuracy between high buildings, overhanging trees and, especially, gradients. The latter because the path of the signal to the satellite is foreshortened by anything other than a level road.

The limit in Dordogne is 80kph unless signed otherwise.
There are certain sections of Routes Departmental that have a 90kph limit. If so, they are clearly marked with the 90 signs, and the signs are there every so often on the stretch of road that is now 90.
There are other stretches with even lower limits, but like the 90, these are also clearly signed.
If you do not see any numbered signs, you must assume it is 80.
Don’t forget that between town/village entry and exit signs (as with the rest of France) it is 50kph, again unless signed to the contrary.


Yes. My notification says that a speed of 5kph over published limit is allowed, so my 90kph meant a 5kph excess, hence €45.

You’re lucky it’s only 45€. I paid 90€ for a similar excess.

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I am taking the non motorway run down in a couple of weeks so will spend more time looking for speed signs than pedestrians, just saying. Do we know if they are still putting fines on UK residents post brexit? Not that I intend to break any limits just as you all didnt.

Is this true generally not solely in the Perigord? Take all open roads as 80 unless it shows 90. Apart from payage. Then all town / village entries as 50? It’s what we’ve been doing but haven’t lived in France for some years. Maybe we need uodating?

Surely anyone who can’t do both should hang up their licence.

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I was sure someone swore blind on here that the tolerance was 10% +2 like in the UK? Am I misunderstanding (probably :roll_eyes::joy:) or is this suggesting that in fact isn’t the case?

And anyone who doesnt understand the joke without a laughing emoji to explain it?

With an accent on the was, in most cases not anymore. You might get 10% but its only a might you are not likely to get 2mph on top as its far more profitable to collect either £92 or £100 for transgressions.

It’s 5 K/hr up to 100 and 5% above 100 K/hr

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Helpful thank you.

Nothing has changed the National Police Chiefs’ Council uses 10% + 2 for prosecution to commence exactly as the previous body ACPO did.

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