Delays in processing requests for carte de sejour

Thank you SO much for posting that @HARLAND - I (and others) really appreciate it! So that’s two 5-year cards that are moving… things are looking up! I shall pour a glass of something :smiley:


Any excuse :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I’m trying to be good and not have any tonight as had way to many last night over a BBQ and my returned from Brittany son (plus the GF!).


Don’t try too hard…:wine_glass::wine_glass:


I had exactly the same thing when I applied 3 years ago. The dossier was accepted and then rejected twice, both times it took them at least 3 months (during which time I was expecting my CV) to change thier mind. The whole process took about 9 months. Very frustrating, but we got there in the end.

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I haven’t seen much reported about Vienne (86), our situation is applied 23/12, immediate attestation, RDV 01/07, we both received our 5 year card today 23/7 valid from our rdv. Very happy :smiley: