Demystifying French Meat Cuts from Taste of Savoie

I’ve been putting together this blog post for a while and hope that it will help in demystifying the French cuts of meat when comparing them to English cuts!
Let me know if this is helpful and any cuts you think I’ve left out

French Meat Cuts


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Hi James
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I think this guide is very helpful indeed and I shall print it out for reference when shoppiing out for meat.

Many thanks and the illustrations are marvellous too!


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I had a crack at this a few years ago, not anything like as comprehensive as yours though!

Thank you, I’m so pleased that you will find this guide useful

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The rib on the bone is cote de boeuf I believe. I’ll have a look at the image and see what else I know!


There are some cuts that don’t translate accurately but if you look at my Beef diagram and compare it to your image this is what I’ve come up with - hope this helps!

Basse Cote is like Silverside

Top side and top rump - Gîte à la noix, rond de gîte

A - Leg of beef - Gîte (Jarret arrière)

Wing Rib – Cote de Boeuf

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Tastiest bit IMO :yum:

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I too will be printing this. It’s just what I needed for shopping for fresh meat.


Great thank you! very pleased my guide will be useful.

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Excellent, Caroline… very useful :relaxed::relaxed:

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Thank you for this post. It helps a lot for us newbies!!
Do you know what tri-tip is? This is favorite cut of mine in the US. But I’ve never found it in the U.K. or France. The closest I’ve found is sirloin capon the USA not the same cut in the U.K.

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Thank you!

Thank you - I’m pleased you like the post. I think the closest thing to tri tip would be a bavette. It seems to be the bottom part of the sirloin (No. 22 on my beef diagram) Looking at photos it looks like it is cut like a Bavette

What no araignée ? :wink: I think this must be very useful for you since cuts are fairly different in different countries - in Spain an entrecôte isn’t at all what we expect in France and where I am now in Germany things are different again.
Very amused to see the definition of ‘à point’ - for us it is the final level of cooking, there is nothing beyond bar cinders.


Yes, it seems the cuts are different in most countries! what do you mean araignée? as in spiders?? haven’t seen many of them on a French menu! :flushed: