Dépôt de brocante Morbihan

At some point in the near future (12 months or so) we will be ready to add the last major bit of furniture that we lack - notably a dining table.

We’ll be looking for table capable of seating 8-10 people, new is an option but so far we have only found manufacturers in the UK and such an item does not come cheap!!

So it is at least equally likely we will buy 2nd hand - does anyone have recommendations for a dépôt in 56 (or possibly south 35/north 44).

There’s a place locally in St Congard which has larger furniture items and we know there are a couple in Vannes which we’ve yet to explore but pointers to good ones would be valued.

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St Congard is good, Emmaus Sené, and there is a place in Sixt sur aff, a Depot Vente, run by a Brit, ‘Mark’, if he hasn’t got it, he will find it, nice Lad. Oh and a depot vente in Pleucadeuc, they have sizeable furniture.


Check out this link… there are so many Emmaus around… wonderful source for good stuff…


@Bill - yes, we pass the place in Sixt driving to & from Caen or Cherbourg so it’s on the list for a look.

There’s a place in Ploermel too, a charity place, have a lot of large items, plus a big Emmaus there.
The Emmaus near St Nazaire is a good one, you might have gathered, I am a dedicated Womble :+1:

There is a Croix Rouge shop and Comptoir des Rues shop on the Ploermel bypass opposite Super U. Both do furniture.



Called at the Depot Vente in Pleucadeuc today Paul, there is a lovely heavy oak table, easily seat 8, hope it’s you that has put a reserved sticker on it, if not there is a new place you could try in Cap Nord, Redon, near Noz, B’ was in there, said they have tables.

Sadly not as I’m in the UK, popping over next weekend then the whole family is coming for Whitsun half term week - we might start to have a look around then.

Whereabouts is the one in Pleucadeuc Bill? My Google skills are failing me for the moment.

If traveling from R’ en Terre to P’c, go straight thro’ the village, it’s on the right, an ex Hotel, next to a cemetery :neutral_face:

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Was the food that bad, I wonder… :thinking: :relaxed:


Got it, thanks.

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Maybe the reason the place wasn’t a success Stella :thinking:

Ploermel: The Croix Rouge and another organisation have big warehouses on the Industrial estate on the east side, near the tip. Big tables start at about 40 euros. Plates 6 for 2 euros!
Address: 2017 Rue Barthélémy Thimonnier, 56800 Ploërmel, France
Thursday 2–4:30pm
Friday Closed
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Monday Closed
(Victory in Europe Day)
Hours might differ
Wednesday 2–4:30pm

Not really supposed to be posting Paul, (had my wrist slapped) but was in Redon today, the recycling place at Cap Nord, there was a big heavy table 90€, seemed very reasonable :slightly_smiling_face:

90€ would, indeed, be stunning - we’re looking for something around 3-3.5m long - I’d expect to pay well into 4 figures to buy new.

@Bill - is the place in Pleucadeuc open on a Monday?

Don’t think so, but normally, they open on Sundays. If you’re happy to pay into 3 figures, Saint Congard is the place to go :wink:

Tuesdays to Sunday - we’ll pop over tomorrow.

I dont know if you found your table, but I have one for sale. Im in the Charente near Cognac, which I suppose is too far for you? Comes with 6 nicely upholstered chairs, but could easily fit 10 around the table. Pretty single pedestal nicely carved! Oval.

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There’s a bit of “we’ll know the right one when we see it” but we’re thinking rectangular 3-3.5m x 1.2m