Depressed again


Looks like I’ll be re-booking that bloomin’ ferry again :frowning:

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I’m so sorry Paul. Looks like our summer guests will be doing the same. We’ve already had one couple move their holiday to 2022 - so 2020 cancelled, 2021 cancelled, fingers crossed for 2022.

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There is always a loophole - could you rename yourself Stanley? Otherwise perhaps a donation to the Tory party?


You might be ok - Cinderella may be able to go to the ball after all!!

Stanley Johnson’ loophole – People will be allowed to leave the UK to prepare a second home abroad for sale or rent, according to coronavirus regulations coming into force later this month. Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley, last summer apparently breached Covid guidelines by travelling to his Greek villa to make it “Covid-proof”. The latest restrictions, applying [from 29 March]will include a list of “reasonable excuses to travel” abroad including “in connection with the [purchase, sale, letting or rental of a residential property. Labour MP Andrew Gwynne said the “Stanley Johnson” provision would “stick in the craw” of ordinary families who faced missing out on summer holidays. Other exemptions include study or competing in an elite sporting event. Ministers are meanwhile considering a traffic light system for international travel that could rate countries green, amber and red depending on vaccine passport agreements.

Although of course you may be allowed to leave the UK, but with the way things are going here you may not be allowed into France.

There may be some hope on the horizon @anon88169868

Although the new laws won’t expire until 30 June, Health Secretary Matt Hancock suggested foreign holidays could be allowed before that date.

I wonder how many 2nd homes will be 100% spick and span for potential tenants or purchasers that never arrive? :thinking:


That’s basically what I’m hoping, but the mood music is not so good at the moment.

It looks like France is getting added to the UK red country list as well.

That will definitely kill a trip if it is, and remains that way through May/June.

The irony is that the most widespread variant in France at the moment is the “Kent Variant”.

I’m not sure labeling the variants this way is helpful - there will inevitably be variants and attaching a geographic label largely serves to fuel the blame game in the public eye.

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Other than in UK I think it is being called UK Variant elsewhere - which appears to frustrate Johnson, when it was discovered it was fairly quickly renamed “Variant first found in UK” then found in Kent. It is all a bit pathetic at trying to avoid blame - for something that can’t really be blamed.


To be fair there is some blame to be attached - that half hearted, late, lockdown favoured a variant which is more transmissible is not exactly surprising.

However that it arose in the UK and not somewhere else was also down to the luck of the draw.


Yes, the British variant is overtaking France.
Yet another reason to have a go at the UK.
Of course, no one really knows how far the Breton variant has travelled because it does not show up on a PCR test.

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Yep there goes our trip to the beautiful Pyrennees this year. Sadly its what has to be done to stop idiots travelling and risking spreading new variants around the world.

Reality is hard to take but it will stop this thing going on longer.

Really feel for those of you suffering under the EU’s cocked up vaccination roll out too.

Love the people in France but hate the corrupt EU oligarchs showing their true colours now.

Jean-Claude Juncker has been castigating Ursula van der Leyen and the inept policies of the commission.
Not all bad.

Give it a rest, people in glass houses etc etc


Just a thought -given there are a limited amount of vaccines being produced - if EU were to have rolled out many more vaccines the net result would have been a lot less available to elsewhere.


To be fair not really suffering here in 33 Gironde at all with less restrictions than UK and lower infection rates - others in North have it worse.


IMO the biggest difference between the UK and here right now is that the UK has a laid out path to open up and France doesn’t. All we do is go to work and come home with no prospect of that changing any time soon, the only bit of socialising we have is a group dog walk but even that’s now been curtailed under the ‘rule of six’.

I think it’s time you and your fellow English realised that you are steadily and unneringly creeping towards living in an autocracy.
For some reason you seem inexplicably accepting of it and certainly lack the balls to do anything about it.
Please would you therefore keep your unfounded and innaccurate comments to yourself until you understand what is actually going on in the world.