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Can any body living in 22 point me to the right page on the Prefecture web site that gives updates on the current status of Carte de Sejour applications, I cannot find anything.

Hi…thanks for that quick reply…I’m getting a bit concerned as my wife and I applied on same day late Dec’ and she received email two weeks ago saying she was accepted and would in due course receive a mail to go to Saint B to be finger printed…I’ve heard nothing since the initial confirmation of my application. My ISP sometimes just dumps mails that they are suspicious of …so I suspended the spam filter yesterday!
Interesting the date for applications is now end of Sept and have to have one by jan’ 2022
Do you live in 22?

No John. I’m down in 17. I’m sure all will be well in the not too distant future. Easy for me to say of course.

I’m in 22 - I received the acknowledgement of my application on 30/10/20 and the email confirming it had been accepted on 23/4/21 - but still no appointment for the photo/fingerprints.

@Geof_Cox …its not the delays between events but rather the fact wife and I applied within minutes of each other and she has heard two weeks ago but I haven’t and apparently they are processing in 22 sequentially…

I think it’s time for you to contact them. Do you have the attestation/acknowledgement they would have sent? The British Embassy gave 4 months as the time to wait in 2 of their meetings - they said after that period, contact them.

Go with your wife to her appointment and mention to them that you applied minutes apart but you have not heard anything yet, I have heard about folks doing that and they just check and do the two of you at the same time, worth a try.


yep, the original acknowledgment is on my lap top…on the 22 web site they have an email address , think I’ll mail them raising my concern that possibly their notification hasn’t reached

When your wife goes she should be able to ask about your application. I was able to do this when I got mine

This is exactly what happened to us in 24 last year. We applied within minutes, me first, but she got the email to come, but I never did. So I took her there and they were surprised, they were expecting only me. :roll_eyes:
Nevertheless they fetched her application from the filing cabinet and did us both on the spot. :slightly_smiling_face:

I very reluctantly did that to my prefecture as it’s now 7 months but despite the website saying they always reply to emails in 4 working days, it’s now 2 weeks with no reply. Ah well, I shall continue sitting here with my fingers firmly crossed…

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I’m the same. I messaged mine (through their website) over a month ago and have had nothing except the automatic acknowledgement. I’ve also emailed the Ministry of the Interior on 1/7 (as advised somewhere) and have heard nothing from them either. It’s not an issue for me but I’m trying to sort things for my husband and it’s a bit of a worry. We’re in 50, under 5 years, 1st card.

We’re in 50 in the same situation as you, Gail, so actually your situation is rather reassuring for me! When I contacted the association Tory suggested, they did say that they were not getting any responses from St Lo so it looks like it’s a common problem there…

Anybody in 22 have an update on how long the interval is between receiving email confirming WDA CdeS is accepted “and a date to go to Prefecute will be sent soon”?
Got this email in mid June but heard nothing since.
And roughy how many days notice given as hoping to get back to UK 23rd Aug for a week.

I know nothing beats personal reports and hopefully someone will come on and inform you @strudball but the prefecture website is definitely giving the idea that you willhave to wait a few months more if you submitted your request in June …

No…you misunderstand me, we submitted in December, did not wait till June!
However we got a further email in June thus:

Votre demande de titre de séjour a été instruite par la préfecture
Votre demande de titre de séjour a été acceptée.
Nous vous invitons à patienter.

But have heard no more so wondered how long is patience, and what notice will we get?

Deep breath… relax (if you can)… it will all come right in the end.
They’ve acknowledged your application and moved it along… hurrah… that is an important step… the Prefecture will be in touch… honestly. Be patient… :wink:

Probably a week’s notice and you will be able to tell them if you can’t make it (and why) … and they will offer another one fairly quickly… to suit your situation.

I’m not worried as it’s now up to them to get the paperwork done, only slight concern is with a rdv clashing with planned visit to see our just born first grandchild.
I just wondered if any body in 22 knew of time scales.

cigars all round then John… what type is it? :baby:

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