Distance to bins

Is there any rule about how far away from the property bins should be most homes around here have bins just outside their property line but myself I have 3 kilometers down to the village for me to drop them off I don’t really mind just take them with me When I go shopping

Talk to the mairie. You should be getting your rubbish picked up unless there is some immovable obstacle.

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When you say picked up what do you mean

it’s a figure of speech - for « picked up » read « collected »
In our small lieu-dit it is impossible for the monster rubbish gobbler to negotiate the turn in to the loop which comprises 3 of the properties so the rubbish was taken out by us in the black and the yellow sacs down to the road where the wagon passes in the evening, prior to collection early morning on the prescribed day. In more recent times, I approached the mairie and asked if large wheeled bins could be located in the lieu-dit to save rubbish bags being torn open by animals during the night. These have been provided by Calitom (the collection agency) and are placed conveniently for the 3 properties concerned and are now used by the other 2 properties in the immediate vicinity as well.

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This is sadly being phased out to be replaced by the awful tagged bins. Our village was always pristine, now we have these huge banks of bins at each entry to the village which are often overflowing with bags. It is a disgrace and I’m sooooo cross about it. It is costing me double to go from a weekly pick up to having to drive (times 1,000s of other cars doing the same - how is that good for the enviroment) to the bins with stinking bags in the car (you are only allowed 48 drops a year or you pay €5 / bag) so you have to stretch your rubbish out to 10 days. It is disgusting :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: They did trials in Normandy a couple of years ago and found that there was a HUGE hike in people tipping rubbish in the woods etc and that the bins were often overflowing as they can’t get the trucks out quickly enough and yet they still rolled them out. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

sorry rant over! Just to say if you are blessed enough to still have pick up please enjoy it while you can!


The are rolling it out here next year problem now is where the bins are in the village are always overflowing and not only with bin bags it’s all kind of waste everything from sofas TVs building waste it looks like crap I feel for the neighbors there but I believe that is not the village problem I think they lease the land to the bin company

Sorry - this is nothing at all connected with the start of the thread, in fact the only link is that it is about rubbish :slight_smile:

When last over was putting my yellow sacks out in the customary place on Tuesday evening. This is opposite our property by the back gate of another house not actually on our road at all but which fronts onto the main road through the village.

The (British) owner of the property emerged to berate me that I was putting them in the “wrong place” and “anyway today is collection day so you have missed it”.

I pointed out that others had put their sacs out up and down the street at which point she grudgingly agreed the collection might be in the morning after all, using the excuse “<husband> deals with all that anyway”. Then we got to the nub of the problem: “people ‘always’ leave stuff here which isn’t collected, then we have to deal with it”. Certainly the previous week I had noticed a bunch of sacs jaunes which were not collected - unsurprisingly as it happens as the recycling collection continues every two weeks through July and August and it was the wrong week (regular bins are weekly in the summer, recycling fortnightly).

I politely pointed out they were not my yellow sacs as I had carefully checked the dates and went to fetch the bin. Needless to say they were collected and the bin emptied as expected.

But it was a thoroughly odd, not to say slightly sinister conversation.

Thankfully we are still on a collection - having bins overflowing is a hazard.

Often, what catches people out (particularly incomers, unconnected with French ways and means), is where in a week with Jours fériés, the collection date is moved on a day.
Our mairie publishes the collection schedule for Le déchets six months in advance in the commune bulletin and by default, we copy this and printed it off so we can keep track. Less necessary now since the inclusion of the large wheeled bins mentioned but as well to keep on top of things anyway :white_check_mark:.
What we observed by convention before the inclusion of the wheeled bins was that the sacs were placed by residents on the offside (in the direction of travel) of the road the dumster truck travelled - possibly to assist the driver to observe his colleague’s progress in clearing the sacs :thinking: 'elf and safety and all that :wink:

Are they no bins at all?

Communal - no except for glass & paper recycling, households have a bin up to 240l depending on how many people in the foyer and there are fortnightly street collections (alternate weeks recycling & general refuse) except for Jul/Aug when the general refuse is collected every week.

I think some communities do have bins which have magnetic badge access.

So when you said you put your yellow bags out it was in a bin

No, those just go out as is. Collection (in our village) is between 8 & 9am typically so I normally put ours out the evening before (as do most people).

Don’t that mean there are birds and rats

It’s a risk I suppose but the yellow sacs are supposed to have clean cartons & containers, no food or general waste so there shouldn’t be anything to attract rats. You’re not supposed to leave them out for more than one evening.

The worst place for me is the bottle bank being allergic to wasps and hornets it’s a nightmare going there

Yep - you have my sympathies there!!

Simple answer - don’t drink :innocent:
No, seriously, when we were guardiens looking after a holiday home, I always wore strong gloves at the bottle bank to avoid any issues… worked for me for 6 years :white_check_mark:

I am 81 and my wife 77. Our collection is from a communal bin about 150 m away
but about 10 m above us. Carrying rubbish gets harder
I pay the same for the collection as any one else but there is no way that the authorities will arrange a collection from our entrance on a public road.

I would get a sturdy ‘drag behind you’ type shopping trolley just for bins / recycling.

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In our commune (16 Charente) the Mairie will arrange for rubbish to be collected (and taken to the collection point) for persons of age and/or disability. Have you asked, or spoken to the assistant sociale about this?