DMP - Le dossier médical partagé

(John Scully) #21

Everyday in every way getting a little bit better :grinning:

(Graham Lees) #22

Done it for both of us at the Pharmacie.
Absolute synch. CV placed in machine and signed on screen using their reader. A small sticker is then attached to your CV to signal that you are signed up to the scheme.
Back home, an email confirming the registration with an initial single use password for future logins.
If I understand it correctly, the Pharmacie gets 1€ for the privilege of setting it up for you from the scheme (no contribution from the CV holder).

(John Scully) #23

Great. Orange have pulled fibre along the main road within two KMs of me but there’s no firm timescale for our actual connection. I’d really like to have good, solid, reliable speeds.