Do I need to renew my Permis de Conduire?

Hi Everyone

Hope someone can give me some advise. I changed my UK driving licence for a french permis, 4b on the front of my permis says 09.06.26 (expiry date) BUT… on the back of my licence all the cateories have a Jusqu’au date (heading 11) in 2022 (the date I hit 60).

Do I need to renew my licence or do something else ?

Any help / experiences would be great :slight_smile:

Is this PdC the new credit card photo type or the old pink style 3 fold?

Hi Graham - It’s the new plastic card - It’s start date is in June 2021 so the licence is still valid but the categories on the back all have the same 2022 end date.

For ALL to be marked is very odd… unless your previous PdC allowed you to drive anything from tiny to enormous…

It might well be that when you went for the Exchange… something was incorrectly entered (by You or Them…)

If it’s ALL… perhaps there are categories on the PdC which need “renewing/checking” each year???

Where there are known health issues, I believe the date or renewal allows the situation to be checked/clarified. Did you perhaps click something in error…??

Frankly, I’m clutching at straws as none of us know your private details and neither should we… :wink:

Which nationality was your old PdC??
Perhaps they’re just not happy with the photo and want it upgraded and/or confirmation of your Address…
I’ve just seen that it’s a French PdC and you’ve had problems before… obviously something needs checking…

I don’t have the new type licence but from memory I think it concerns the requirement for a medical for certain types of vehicle/trailer combination. If eg you are towing a “heavy” trailer (unless the law has changed) up to the age of 60 in class E/B a medical will be required every 5 years (up to the age of 60) every 2 years over the age of 60 and annually over 70. If you do not drive that class of vehicle (even though your licence covers you for it) you will not need to action the medical requirement.
So, if all you tow is a small lightweight trailer (which doesn’t require its own Carte Grise) you will not need a medical.

Thanks Graham & Stella
I have A1, A2, A, B1, B and BE, all have the same end date - and that date is my 60th birthday.
The annoying thing is that I had a medical and sight test (no issues on either except note that I wear glasses) to get my french licence in June last year (when I was 59).
I have the BE but would only ever tow our lightweight trailer.

A French Driving Licence does not generally have an age related expiry date (such as 70 in the UK) - but the photo card aspect does require updating periodically for the new credit card type. The old style 3 fold booklet style (with photo) does not expire (except when you do).
Your medical concerned the translation from your old licence to the French one simply since you probably applied for a like-for-like replacement and didn’t relinquish the class of licences you did not wish to maintain.
EDIT: the link in your previous Topic posted by @Badger seems to work OK. I have repeated it here for simplicity.

I got my French credit card permis in November ‘20. It expires in 2035 and there are no expiry dates against the categories (AM, A1,A2,A,B1, B, BE) on the back.

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Hi John, I think my problem was that I got my permis at age 59 and maybe the rules have changed and checks are done at age 60. My partner had the same licence as me, we did exactly the same things and his licence is much longer - the difference - he was 62 when we applied.

only if you wish to maintain those categories which require them…
If you don’t need them, the licence will continue.

The problem is that all my categories have the same end date - in 2022

Maybe Karen, I was 67.

That is my understanding too, but not an official opinion. I have had a similar, but not the same, problem and I have been assured by my insurance company that my permis which apparently expired in 2018 is indeed still valid. It appears to be related to my then impending expiration of HGV categories.


Thanks David, my permis is valid until 2026 but all the categories end in 2022 including car.

I think that could be it, unfortunately I had to change my licence at 59.

Where those categories which requires a medical also requires a licence, that is correct. So, it would not be right for you to tow a heavy trailer behind your car if you don’t have the appropriate medical. That is the reason for the inclusion. If you are not for example going to tow a heavy trailer, then your licence continues even though it mentions an expiry date which becomes irrelevant in those circumstances.
If you won’t accept the references given here, either as @David_Spardo suggested consult your insurers or call in your local gendarmerie for clarification.

Ah… that rings a bell with something I’ve read. On a car-questions site I think.
The answer to that questioner was… get it renewed and all will be well, as dates will move forward to the 15 and/or 5 years accordingly.

( can’t remember all the details and I’ll try and find that site again…)

Thanks very much for that Stella.

I took Grahams advice and visited the gendarmerie, they made some calls and said that they couldn’t understand why there were dates for every category and they had not seen this before and the head would make more enquiries and email me the result - It sounds like it is a mistake especially as my partners permit (a match for mine except for his age) that I renewed in exactly the same way and at the same time has a completely different dates on the back to mine.


Excellent… I couldn’t understand why you had every category…
Good luck.

that sounds encouraging… if your worst fears about the PdC were justified, I’m sure that law enforcement officers would know.
Maybe they will be of some help in having any anomaly corrected by the issuing authority as opposed to being on your own in trying to convince them.

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