Do you have a favourite game site on the web?

I have been playing Popword ever since I was recuperating from major surgery in 2002.
It is, obviously, a word game and you have to make words as the letters fall down, getting faster as you progress.
You will find it on which also has other games and short stories.
Have you any favourite games you would like to share?

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Me, only crosswords Jane, Madam plays Candycrush.

Words with Friends

I play CandyCrush on my tablety and Popword on my laptop.
I do other things as well. I am not an addict.

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Blimey, I wish I had time to fritter away my time on such things !!!

Since retirement I haven’t stopped working !

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That was a bit of a ‘fritter’ Pete :slightly_smiling_face:

Rummikub … my sister introduced me to it, you can play with number blocks or cards. Very addictive!

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Don’t play web games, but in the winter I play the card game 7 Wonders Duel (progressed to the Pantheon extension now ) with a friend. Strategic, additctive and no 2 rounds the same. Also play Rummy Marseillais, played with 3 packs of cards, and various French friends + wine ! Much more fun to share than look at a screen alone but that’s just my opinion.
I did in the past play on line poker, Texas Hold’em , interesting that you play at a ‘table’ with people from all over the world, I amassed 3 million dollars (virtual) but I was younger and quicker then :laughing:


I play Wordfeud with my brother in Sweden and my sister in Australia. Love it… great fun and chats on there . Any one else play this?

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I have always thought of myself as special, unique or just plain odd and my next comment is perhaps further proof - I have never. ever played a game on any device known to mankind.

Please tell me I’m not the only one as I’m starting to believe I don’t belong on this planet.

I have never seen The Sound of Music or any of the Star Wars films, but I love my word game.
Do you do crosswords?

No crosswords or Sudoku or Scrabble.

I feel another thread coming on - What haven’t you done/Don’t you ever do ?

I know this is not an answer but I find myself logged out on both my laptop and I Pad and cannot get back in.

The pages are black on both machines.

The black theme is now the default, you can change it back to white if you like

You must be logged in or you would not have been able to post :slight_smile:

No web games here but love a game of Canasta with friends - had some brilliant evenings :slight_smile:

i used to play a game called acrophobia years ago but its long gone now.

currently playing fallout shelter, the last stand and Throne rush.

Also have about 1000 games across several platforms in digital format. steam im on 577 games and around 200 of those have DLC packs with extra games.

UPLAY im on 38.

Origin im on: 75 games

Steam is probably my most played platform, sadly some games ive rasked up thousands of hours on



I am actualy catching up to arma 2 with arma 3 now as well although arma 2 and Aremica’s army with remain in my top games.

Are they games?

yes online games