Do you have an unusual daily driver

I have for my daily driver a Nissan Elgrand, I imported it from Japan 5 years ago with 7K miles on it.
Never sold in the UK as it was deemed to expensive for a Nissan to be sold there .
It is a luxury 7 seat MPV which unlike all the rest was not a upgraded van but designed as a luxury people carrier from the ground up.
It has a 300bhp 3.5L V6 with 5 speed auto (basically a MPV version of the Nissan 350Z) , powered side doors, powered privacy curtains, two sunroofs, surround cameras for parking, dvd, satnav, road following lights and remote opening doors.
It is the most comfortable car for bringing people across from the UK I have driven.
Love it and have never seen another across here.


Good luck getting it re-registered in France


Yes there might be a few problems with that :laughing:, wonder if I can call it a classic seeing as it was made in 2005 :grin:

Eeek not what I’d be wanting to use as a daily driver!!! :rofl: :rofl:

Yes the registering here isn’t going to wash!

Done over a 100,000 miles backwards and forwards to the UK, makes a great van as all the seats fold away, you can get 3m worktops inside with the rear door shut.
Used it to bring all the stuff for the renovations I have made to my houses from the UK.

Appears to be the ultimate “Q” car/van.
I bet that you’ve given a few boy racers a surprise!!

If you need a spare bedroom, bar or cinema have you seen this one?

Very popular in the UK for camper conversions as you can buy a whole kit for converting them.

Been totally reliable bar consumables like brakes, tyres and wheel bearings, bombproof build on them.
The quality and advanced features on a 2005 build is amazing, 360 cameras all round, electric sliding doors, 8" LCD screen led lights etc are features you expect now not back then.

Does a (filthy dirty!) Tesla count? Very rare in France. Nice to see so many Renault Zoé EVs here though.

:sunglasses: Have seen quite a few around here and had a shot in a 100D which was fun, it might be because we are near to Le Mans we see so many.
Made my Jaguar XF XFRs seem quite tame at the time.

Ours is ‘just’ a 70D :sweat_smile: - try to get a ride in a Performance model - it’s like a roller coaster ride when it accelerates!

Le Mans has the Tesla Supercharger at the Auchan car park. Been there several times!

I’ve never heard the expression ‘daily driver’ before. Where does it originate?

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Nice truck Colin.

I don’t know where it originated I am afraid, we have always used it where we have more than one car, the daily driver is always the car we used daily for the mundane running family, shopping etc tasks, heard loss of other folks using it.
Weekend car was the sports/classic car that was used infrequently due to it being special/impractical.

It dwarfs our Seat Alhambra inside, 3m normal load space or 4m baton’s fit in with the front seat folded flat, seats fold up to the side leaving a completely flat load space.
Self leveling multilink rear suspension, abs, Bose surround sound system, keyless entry, rear reversing camera, drop down LCD for DVDs in the rear, can you tell I like it :laughing:

I do like the look of those comfy seat.

I trust fuel economy isn’t great. As others have suggested getting it registered here will be difficult and expensive.

The central ottoman seats are superb, pull up leg support and the top part of the seat moves in and out for adjustable shoulder support, they turn round as well.
Fuel economy is not the best 25-27mpg on the 1700 mile round trip back home, but that is with six or seven people onboard at 80mph.
Motorway use is superb, very quiet and fantastic smooth ride.

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I bought over a 1992 Morgan Plus 8. Had many hoops to jump through finding what to do. Essentially, I had to take it to DREAL for an inspection. The French rejected my Type Approval certificate and said I needed a Certificate of Conformity. This was impossible as the COC was launched to replace Type Approval, so I couldn’t get a document saying that a car built in 1992 conformed to a standard launched some 15 years later! DREAL were great, took about 30 minutes, of which 25 minutes were spent discussing this ‘interesting’ car
If Nissan will give you a certificate of Conformity it will be easy. If not it is DREAL

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So glad DREAL (DRIRE) were as nice for you as they have always been for us…

they may have changed the name… but not their attitude… :hugs: :hugs: