Do you have cats or dogs? Or a husband? Or a son? Or an open fire?

It is now Day 13 of being locked in the house with my nearest and dearest and I am starting to (gently) lose it…

One of the many things that is driving me (slightly) potty is the sheer amount of mess that is being created by all my housemates. The wood burning stove and hairy ginger cat are probably the main culprits but having Mr.H coming in and out of his workshop dropping steel and sawdust plus the stupid son trailing mud all day long is definitely adding to it.

But help is at hand! I have my brilliant carpet sweeper. No electrics, no battery, nothing to break. I’ve had it for years now and it is bloody marvellous. I’ve bought one for a friend who had two small children and a large dog and one for my dad to save him bending down with a dustpan and brush.

It deals with bits of kindling, hay, straw, cat hair, peas, mud - you name it it sweeps it up before it is simply emptied into the compost. It is so easy to use that even the stupid teenage son can operate it. And if he doesn’t, I can always unscrew the handle and use it to belt him with :slight_smile:

Ps, yes this is an Amazon affiliate link but yes, I do have one and yes, it is marvellous!


even as I was reading this… I was muttering “Bex Bissell” … as we had one of those years ago back in UK … the '70’s I reckon… excellent product. :hugs:


Would that be the 1870’s Stella? :grinning:


Ooh harsh!! @smw - do you want me to belt him with my carpet sweeper handle when I have finished with the son?!!

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Actually… more like 1670’s… you cheeky beggar… :joy: :joy: :joy:

we had little money and the sweeper cost nothing but huff and puff to work it… :+1: :+1:

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Carpets - didn’t realise anyone had them any more.:wink:

why be so cautious? use the handle as intended in the place where it’s intended… like what should be done to the moto guerillas who ram the handle up their exhaust baffles to make the bike louder… :grin:

and yes, we have one too… picks up my beard trimmings very well…

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It works rather well on tiled floors too. Or even polished concrete…


We had the early-Victorian model. It worked well, but it used to lift the little skirts we had installed to cover the legs on our dining table when sweeping after-dinner crumbs from the carpet.

The risk of scandal was too awful to contemplate, so the maid was required to use a dustpan and brush, and warned on pain of dismissal not to bend over when using it in the presence of guests. :face_with_monocle::astonished::scream:


we only had one carpet… in the lounge… looked wonderful even though we didn’t have any furniture… :grinning: :grinning:

the rest of the floors were bare boards or tiles… the BB worked wonderfully.

Very aspirational, very admirable and ever so slightly Hyacinth Bucket…:heavy_check_mark::hugs::innocent:

I remember we had one at home 50’s 60’s picked up almost everything. Occasionally we had to cut away the hair, animal and human hair that entwined in the rollers and off we’d go again.


@cat I agree, they are just brilliant. I think I posted on here earlier in the year when I was anxiously reading the French cleaning protocols for gite owners and the suggestion was no vacuum cleaners as they “aerosol” the virus and someone on here suggested it. Works really well. Though in the end I did put the vacuum cleaner back. I think our guests struggled with not having one if they were to clean properly.

I also agree about dogs, husbands and open fires!

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I don’t think HB would have admitted to having one carpet. And the rest. Not really ‘aspirational’ IMO - more like being honest. And I have NO idea whatsoever why you needed to say ‘admirable’? Maybe I missed something and you can explain? Thanks.

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Ha ha… not at all… it was Mother-in-Law who insisted we could not have bare floor in the lounge, so the carpet was her wedding present to us …

I bought 2 bar stools at auction (smoke damaged stock) and OH built a kitchen table to suit their height. That was it as far as furniture was concerned downstairs… upstairs… we had an old bed donated by another member of the family…

We were young and very happy with what little we had… and over the moon with the Bex Bissell :hugs:


Incidentally, our friends always seemed to enjoy our “Candlelight Suppers” aka “bring a bottle” parties…

choice of posh seating:… the staircase… or the lounge carpet… :joy: :joy: :joy:
many folk brought their own glasses too… :wink:

Aspirational as in aspiring to a higher standard in domestic well-being, admirable in the sense of worthy of emulation by others. HB in the spirit of a little Goble (gentle) mischief.

Will that do? :thinking:

PS l’ve done the same myself.

Have cat, sons (horrid teenage and crazy 5 year old), husband and messy log fire. You have made me think as I hate getting the vac out, the little one hates the noise so I usually just end up sweeping.

You are the perfect candidate and would love it! It is sweeping 2.0 !!

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