Do you have old photos with special memories?

Over the weekend I was clearing out a lot of old stuff - papers, phoos etc., and I discovered this long forgotten one taken about 40 years ago and showing my wife and elder brother returning to our flat in Pantin (Paris). It is special as there was only one photgraph ever taken of us together, and I can’t find that, so this is the closest thing. It also indicates how big he was - 6’6" and 23 stone, and making it uite clear as to whay I was always called ‘The Kid’ (6’ and 95kg!

Do you have any special ones - apart from the usual baby stuff?With%20Brian


What the heck … I have shown this to my FB-crowd. Me at my second IT-job in 1972. I am the handsome

:roll_eyes: guy wearing a tie.


Do people still wear ties? In business I mean, not so-called ‘public life’. I remember in my far younger days in Australia I had a male clothing company called Frieze as a client and I ended up dressing ike a bloody peacock - unstructured suits were a big thing in Oz at the time and a real break with tradition. I got kitted out with new suits almost every few weeks with different fabrics, and as I also had a Tie Company as a Client and Van Heusen shirts, so was color-co-ordinated! Just as well I was in the Ad-Game, but even now I shudder to think of some of the combinations I came up with!

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Newly married… OH bought me this surprise to wear at his firm’s Christmas Party… at the Dorchester, I think… whatever, it went down a storm… :hugs:

Note: Gentlemen, please understand… a catsuit is not an easy item of clothing for a lady to wear… for very long… as they make trips to the loo extremely hazardous… :face_with_hand_over_mouth::wink::grin:

He continues to spoil me with unexpected gifts… even after all these years… bless him…:hugs:


Oh wow Stella. Seriously glamorous!

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The current Me would be a disappointment, I fear…

I doubt it…

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Still in 1999 I had to wear white shirt, tie and a suit. That was in Atlanta.
After that it went downhill :slightly_smiling_face: Next stop was Texas and there we were told to wear business casual, no jeans.

Got any proof, in form of photos? :grinning:

Wearing a onesie way before their time!

I know there are some publicity shots around somewhere, but just mono if I remember correctly. I will keep digging and see what I can find!

This one isn’t nearly as old as most of the others here but it is very special. Taken in August 2005 at my Mum’s 60th birthday party it’s a photo of my Dad, me, my Mum and my brother. It’s the last family photo taken of us before my Dad died in December 2005. He was undergoing chemotherapy at the time and it was a miracle that he made it to the party and was able to stay for the whole evening. Still miss him so much.



I had a lovely Jean Varon cat suit which I wore to a very smart twenty first.
Mine was black and there was another girl there in a white one, she wasn’t pleased, but I thought it was hilarious.

Like you, I’ve never worried about that sort of thing… I wore a hotpants outfit to one “do” and saw another exactly the same… it happens… :face_with_hand_over_mouth::upside_down_face::rofl:

Problem with white catsuit is needing to take the whole thing off to go to the loo… and finally emerge from The Ladies as pristine as when one arrived… not easy… :grin::rofl::hugs:

Mum and I both had ‘cat suits’ , lovely to wear but a nightmare when out shopping and needing a public loo, especially as some of them were not pristine !

I went to a wedding and the two bridesmaids were dressed alike…

They were called catsuits in our day, Jane! Even I wore one.

looking at your photo I thought you reminded me of someone in the literary world of yesteryear.Has anyone ever commented on a possible likeness to Muriel Sparks in her heyday??

A photograph of a photograph of my Mum & Dad, 9 June 1942. (I came along 10 years later!)


You brought back a memory of gifts I used to buy my wife. I remember buying her a beautiful suede and leather coat in Milan (she was with me) I particularly remember writing a cheque for ‘One Million Lira’ Made me feel very rich! She wore it three times and ultimately in ended up in a second hand shop. I also bought her a very fine 4ct. gold chain in Saudi Arabia for her birthday (she wasn’t with me that time). She never wore it once and as far as I know it is still lying in a drawer somewhere.
Just one of many things I never seemed to get right!