Do you need a vaccination appointment?

Just seen this. It seems to work, and comes up with specific times you can click to book.

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There’s a thread here which this would be useful to add to rather than start a whole new one…

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sorry Tech Guru I did a search before posting but nothing came up so I thought I’d been dreaming about the previous general bemoaning of hard to get appointments I thought I’d seen.

No worries Karen… just best to keep all the good stuff in the same place so no-one misses it and your post is a useful one.

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I asked my doctor about the jab when I renewed my prescription.
He said to ask at reception & they said they would call. They did.
11am Tuesday.


I used that link today, based on an article in Le Figaro. Now we both have an appointment on April 20 !

P.S. We’re both under 70 but over 60, so “as of mid-April” was promised by Macron.

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I hope this is the right thread to post this: we are having huge problems getting any RDV for a Covid vaccine for an elderly relative who, for variety of reasons has not been able to get home to the UK since last July. She does not have CV only EHIC. Is it possible, given these circumstances, to access a vaccine appointment without going down the S1 + CV route- we are hoping to get her back home by the end of May. (Before anyone asks, I’ve made the Prefecture aware of her residential status.)
Thanks for any help

Have you spoken to your MT to see if that’s possible and to obtain an ordonance (the MT might even do it)?
If there is a fee to pay, you will be provided, I would have thought, with the usual brown form from which the cost can be recovered from the NHS in the usual way as for any other health related cost.

Tried to book on same basis (over 60, under 70) plenty of RDV available from 20th April, however could not complete booking as asked to attest to being over 70 or having MT prescription if under 70 which I could not do. Seems that the booking portal is still not open to under 70’s even after mid-April.

I agree there is no issue getting a vaccine, she probably won’t even be charged for it from what I’ve heard as long as she has a French address where she is staying.

I presume that’s because the date hasn’t been confirmed yet, Sue. It was dependent on things progressing as expected. I imagine that many people will say that they are 70 on the basis that they will be eligible when the date comes around but I decided not to risk that either. Race you to the bookings site once it’s confirmed that we can :smiley:

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hmmm pissing contests and jaberoo races… interesting :upside_down_face:

I was speaking to someone in UK who has had 3 covid vaccinations so far.

how does that work?
Are they supplying them in cornflake packets now as well or special BOGOF offers from HMG :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yes, they vaccinate the “sans papiers” who often don’t have CV’s. You have to insist and quote the ministry of health…

Alors qu’une )demande de venir avec «une pièce d’identité et votre carte vitale pour pouvoir donner votre numéro de sécurité sociale» lors de la vaccination, la DGS corrige : «A compter du 28 janvier 2021, un étranger pourra se faire vacciner en centre de vaccination même s’il ne dispose pas d’une carte vitale. En effet, à compter de cette date, le système d’information Vaccin Covid-19 sera à même d’assurer la traçabilité de la vaccination des étrangers dépourvus de carte vitale». Ce même principe permettra aux personnes en grande précarité, comme les sans-abri, quelle que soit leur nationalité, de pouvoir se faire vacciner.

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Jane that’s really reasusuring the Ministry of Health has said foreigners without carte vitale can receive the vaccine in France.

I mentioned something similar when obliged to get a PCR test in early March. The lab doing the test said “Yes that’s correct but our system still insists you still need a Social Security number”. CPAM going slowly so no SSN “So that’ll be 62 euros please”.

I’m really hoping when it comes to my turn for the vaccine I don’t get told the same.

Angela, what is the risk?
If you have booked a slot for after 16th April and are between 60 and 70 do you really think you will be turned away?
I have booked for me and other half for 22nd April and had to tick the box for over 70 to confirm so yes I have not told the whole truth but will be very surprised if we are refused.
I find it amazing that there seems to be so few RDVs avialable?
We are 67 and 66.
We are also on the list with our MT and local pharmacie so one way or the other it will happen.

There is no risk at all from that point of view, John. I am just not happy about doing it. I’m not in a rush for a week or so :smiley:

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