Does anyone live in the Gironde or Landes?

Hi all,

We currently live in a tiny village in the Vienne.

We moved here a couple of years ago from Montpellier. We’re in our late 20s and have a baby.

Our dream would be to move closer to the coast/Bordeaux as there’s a bit more to do there. We’re quite isolated at the moment.

I’m aware that property prices are massive in comparison to the €30k house we bought here, but I’m always up for having a big goal to work towards!

My question is can anyone recommend a town or area in the Landes or Gironde department that they would recommend looking to move? We’re looking for a town with a bit more life - shops, bars, restaurants etc.

The area we currently live in is very quiet and very English. Whilst I’ve nothing against that, my wife and I are both missing the culture and liveliness that we had in Montpellier.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

St Jean de Luz image
A lovely little coastal town we have travelled to many times and have really enjoyed with a fascinating history…


Dax ?

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But surely very pricey. And maybe not for the young? Very much a place that the French from northern France retire to.

Some statistics:
Seems to have a good healthy mix of age groups and dependent upon the OPs work situation, could provide a good place to be…
I don’t think it’s quite at the point like some south coastal UK towns where they don’t bury the dead, they stand them up in bus shelters to make the place look busy :rofl:


Libourne and its environs. Lively town on the River, good train service into Bordeaux and next year a service to Arcachon direct without changing trains at Bordeaux Gare St Jean. Langon is quite lively as well.

Dax is great!

I found it quite a bustling town, and quite pretty, when I last went there, a while ago now, but plenty of shops, and 40 min drive or so from the coast.

Great area but very expensive,

Heard good things about Libourne!

Oh I hadnt’ heard about that, that is quite exciting!

I live in Capbreton. Any one else live in that area?

Capbreton is next door to hossegor, both lively towns in the summer but quieter in the winter. Both clod to the beach and plenty of surfers in the summer. Lovely beaches, nice eating places and markets.