Dog bite wounds politician

I would like to pre-empt Johnny Summerton with a question. Do things bode well for his much loved Seggers? Listening to the news this morning I gather opinion polls in advance of Sunday's second round elections do not look good for her. Has she been been too badly mauled by the Rottweiler to survive? If she goes down does that mean she must leave the 'kennel' entirely and end her political career with a bone of contention? Sunday will tell all. The plot thickens!

Personality disorders across the board, mon dieu they'll end up being politicians too.

Wonder how their children are viewing it. Dad is president, mum is going down the tubes.

@ Brian - yes sour old ladies they're indeed becoming!

She really let lose when she was interviewed live as the results were made public last night, she'd prepared a short speach - to try and keep it correct perhaps - but it was soooo bitter and twisted. Chuffed to bits she was defeated, can't stand the woman!

Oh I still think Martine has an eye on the PS throne. My money is still on Batha as first presidente of France. And yes, saw your Skype. All working fine except when I’m at work. Thanks.
Andrew, I didn’t see that episode, I only saw the bit where she was congratulating the left on a great victory. Looks like I missed a good one.

Nick, was at a family gathering yesterday - all right wing aveyronnais farmers/small business owners - when Ségolène started ranting about "trahison" and all her bitterness started flowing out we all fell about laughing - she's a very very bitter batty woman and thank god she lost. When you hear about the way she does wusiness in the poitou charante, we got off very lightly in 2007, I just hope she doesn't stage her come back in a couple of years time in a double act with Martine...! :-O

These ladies are all getting slightly too old to get to the top of the tree, more time will be spent scratching the bottom methinks. Since 'she' will not go away, we now have the reconstitution of the regal career to observe. Lucky she is as mad as a meataxe, it will be interesting.

Then presumably off for a catnap before sharpening their claws (makes it easier to reach the top of the tree). Must say Seggers is very dignified in defeat.

Woooooo! Seggers really got it in the neck and Marine's smug look has no doubt be throroughly washed away, especially since she has contributed to a probable PS absolute ruling majority. Saw Martine on TV early this morning as my two cats were having the milk after the other food, similar look on all three faces.

I was at the vide greniers in the next village, obviously knew a fair number of people there and asked if they were popping in to the 'bibliotheque', which is a side door to the mairie and where people were voting. Nearly all smiled and said 'Non'. I kept an eye open and whilst we took a bite to eat sat facing said door. I saw a couple go in (and come out) but the turn out was not worth counting.

Today is Sunday, THE day for Seggers. Later this evening as Johnny glues himself to every possible media source, will he be hearing about downfall of his favourite politician, and having dealt with that bit of party posturing will her 'supporter' Martine be sharpening her knife for another back? Is weather good enough to allow greater turnout or is the joyous celebration of Father's Day going to keep it low?

Somebody once asked me what oxymoronic meant and I said, to amuse myself mainly, somebody being so stupid they become breathless. He simply looked dumbfounded, none the wiser. But the stupidity of the PS at present, almost back to topic, leaves me breathless at times. I've been reading some of Johnny's Online News things and am slowly coming to the conclusion for bets, that in five years FN are going to be worth placing some money on unless this new lot get sorted, much as I hate saying what I just did. Don't think they'd come to power but there could well be more of them scoring on the elections we're seeing now.

Agree, and liked the way you slipped moronic in there too.

But aren't most of the games already rigged, need insider intelligence on that one. But then soccer and intelligence is oxymoronic, so maybe I mean the right gossip!

I'll tell it again: All of the European heads of state, place bets with outside Europe bookmakers on the outcome of the Euro 2012 Football.

Then we simply rig the matches. Job done!

Didn't see it, will go seeking toute suite. Be back there in a trice.

Well Brian, I'm disappointed that you didn't pick up on my economic stategy to save Europe last night. Or perhaps you didn't see it.

If I'm still around I might cry, Andrew and I are already doing battle over a nice young Umbrian originating French lady who would be a wonderful president. Aurelie Filipetti is not only intelligent, but beautiful and survived a DSK grope and went public on that score.

But Nick, yes it is scarey to think of a Royal presidency. She may stay in politics but she is off centre stage once and for all. Martine rubbing hands in background, she too might have been the first woman dictator, did I write that? Meant president. Methinks the gals are getting too colourful for paleface Hollande. Now he really needs a bimbo!

What a chortle Brian.

Poor old Seggers. It's frightening to think she could have been governing the country. My opinion is that the country was spared her when she lost her cool during the tv debate with Sarko, then lost the debate, the election and then started to lose the plot.

Now who is that girl who looks like "Marianne" blonde, frizzy hair, tall, Gallic nose, ah yes Delphine Batho. Just an incling but I think we will see her as the first female president of France in about 10 years time.