Dog poo and zebra crossing

I am living in Tarbes and am fed up of dog shit on the street. Also the fact that cars do not stop at zebra crossing. Is there anything that can be done to change this? Both must be illegal? I have emailed the Marie but nothing has changed.

The dog poo - the Mairie can probably sort something locally.

The zebra crossing - just beware of them, they are simply not respected in the same way as in UK.

It’s only in the last year or so that legislation was brought in about zebra crossings. So will take a while longer, and a good deal of enforcement, for this to affect behaviour.

As for the dog poo
why not set up a group to campaign locally?

My poor niece was sea sick after we went to Montpellier for the first time because we had to steer her buggy around the piles of poo


Pick up the dog shit and throw it at the cars, two birds with one stone :blush:


Hi, I have thrown a stone at a car where the guy was looking at a garage to his right and I was on the crossing to his left. He nearly drove into the garage and got out shouting, I gave him a finger wave just to really piss him off.

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Will keep trying but it is a shame, I love France but things like this really piss me off and the fact that they think they are in the right.

“Will keep trying” to do what?

England used to be just as bad re dog poo, but local groups helped change behaviours. As well as bye law enforcement of course. Don’t just complain like a snowflake but get involved in changing things.


I’d be cross if someone threw a stone at my car - if you had time to pick up a stone, presumably you weren’t in any danger, so it seems an odd thing to do, especially as it sounds as though the driver hadn’t seen you (which is admittedly very bad but not actively malicious).


If dog poo and bad driving are all you have to be worried about in the world at present you are lucky


Yes, that’s it and I forgot noises mopeds.

I understood that this wasn’t a thing that has to be done, that they are just there for you to be marginally safer than not having a crossing, certainly not like the law in UK and Oz (although interesting that Vero said this has now changed) so don’t get cross about that one as i tis just the way it is. Interesting about the dog poo, I never see any in Perigueux or Bergerac (although admittedly I spend very little time in town centres).

The thing that sends my blood pressure through the roof (started 20 years ago when preggers with the eldest on a little roundabout in Castelnaudary) is the TOTAL LACK OF USE OF BLINKERS (INDICATORS) ON ROUNDABOUTS. It drives me INSANE - FFS how hard is to use the little stick attached to your steering wheel. Dont’ get me started! :japanese_ogre: :japanese_ogre: :japanese_ogre: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

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Not anymore
pedestrian priority has been strengthened:

Le dĂ©cret n°2018-795 du 17 septembre 2018 relatif Ă  la sĂ©curitĂ© routiĂšre a renforcĂ© les sanctions an cas d’infraction du non-respect des prioritĂ©s accordĂ©es aux piĂ©tons: dĂ©sormais 6 points seront retirĂ©s sur le permis de conduire au lieu de 4 auparavant. Cette mesure est effective depuis le 18 septembre 2018.

And this says you have priority over a car on zebra crossings.

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Absolutely a good thing too (although must get better again myself as didn’t realise the law had changed!) but does explain why it has traditionally been an ‘optional’ stop!

Yes, that’s another one that I forgot. But I still love it here, all in all Brexit is probably a bigger disaster.

They are an optional extra I think, can’t be any other explanation
 they must be particularly expensive on Audis since I have noticed they almost never have them, terrible really.


Ahhh this could explain it then, as I have noticed (quite often big German cars so I see a pattern) if they are coming towards you and you are waiting at a cross roads to turn behind them they only put their blinker on about 2 metres from the corner so after all that you could have turned way before! They mustn’t want to wear them out but I find it terribly rude!


Round here it is the majority of cars which think that giving you ten metres warning of turning is quite sufficient thank you.

Crikey’s that’s generous :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

And, around here, on ancient Peugeot 205s, with old men wearing flat caps (anyone else noticed this?)