Double glazing old windows

Hi like most old French houses, mine has the middle opener, with each window having 3 single panes. Does anyone know if its possible to have double glazed units fitted to these type of windows?. I don’t want to replace perfectly good frames if I don’t have to.

Don’t see why not… I’m sure I’ve seen secondary glazing panels on these types of windows in France.
You might struggle with replacing the existing glass with sealed glass units though :thinking:
Anything in this thread which might help?

Depends on the width of the frame. I had to get some complying double glazed units for a residential development in the UK. Got hold of Pilkinton technical and units can be made to 14mm, 16mm widths and argon or better filling. Also low emissivity glass improves this further so other EU manufacturers should be able to do the same (Saint Gobbain).

It is quite a slim frame, that’s why I wondered if it was possible, but that all sounds very technical…and expensive. Might have to settle for seconadary glazing on those 2 windows. :thinking:

If system D do it for the DIY market then must be achievable

I was hoping to find an alternative to secondary d8g, purely because I remember my parents having it done in their house and my dad always complaining that it was just a flycatcher :joy:

In my youth :rofl: when double glazing started to become the thing most windows were still made of timber and the glazing rebates quite shallow.
Stepped DG units were the answer.
The windows were glazed from the outside with the external pane bigger than its internal partner so that the inside pane sat beyond the rebate. It was just like glazing with a single sheet of glass only heavier.
The downside was that it looked a bit HEAVY from the inside.
Perhaps it might be the answer.

We have the same style windows along with a secondary glazing panel on the interior. I don’t think there is the depth to insert double glazed units.

At our other house we have recently had the windows replaced with similar looking windows. See Link

When getting quotes for the windows we were asked if we wanted to keep the outer frames and just replace the opening parts. This could perhaps save some money.

Single glazing is often 6mm whereas double glazing is usually 2 sheets of 4mm plus the spacer bar min 6mm so although the rebates will need deepening if there is 10mm available it can fit. Of course if you are relying on a tradesman to carry out the work then it could be pricey being France

Thanks folks. I suppose I knew it wasn’t gonna be easy. I think I’m gonna have a look at secondary. If it annoys me I can always remove it in summer and put it back in the winter. :blush:

Back in my student days I stayed in a Victorian house with sash windows. I bought that shrink with a hair dryer film for secondary glazing, it actually worked and as it came from a pound shop no worries just took it down in the spring :grin: