Dover congestion


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Not the competition but the Will Ferrell film - Ya ya dingdong!

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And someone has made a film about Eurovision!
That’s even worse.
I see it can be watched on Netflix, it won’t be ringing my bell.

Well I thoroughly enjoyed it even though I do not like Ferrell. It is a pisstake but a good one and I think you could enjoy a little comedy with the state of other things going on currently.

Came through Dover yesterday afternoon and everything was running smoothly and to time, the M20 has been sectioned with cones to aid the traffic flow so I’m not sure what else they can do.


I always thought the M20 was crazy!


Crap food (apart from smoked puffin breast), crazy prices, the whole place reeks of sulphur and most of the historic buildings are made of corrugated iron like South African township shacks. Mind you has an unusual cathedral and an evening in the Blue Lagoon is an unusual night out . But found the summer lack of night rather depressing, everything just turns grey for a few hours.

Mustn’t forget the gross liquorice flavoured chocolate - think the Dordogne has a tad more to offer, and of course there’s lot of interesting places further south

I feel they will be right at home in The Icelandic Phallological Museum though

It just shows how many differences of opinion we all bring to SF.
I have to say that curiosity has definitely killed this cat stone dead! On your recommendation my wife and I wasted some 2 hours of our lives last night that are now gone forever. Once upon a time when Sandie Shaw was a puppet on a string and Darna was into all kinds of everything Eurovision was an honest, vote for the best song, production but now !!!
The only part of the film Eurovision’ that I watched with interest were the end credits.
We can certainly agree that it is a pisstake but comedy?
A joke, yes, just like Eurovision has been for a very long time.
And now I have wasted even more time never to be recovered telling you what we did last night :wink:


Back to La Grande Motte again then this year……and why not ?

Have you ever been to La Grande Motte. Possibly the most famous seaside resort in France.

anyone seeking Comedy might look at the old shows, Faulty Towers, Open All Hours, Rising Damp, Hancock’s Half Hour… etc etc… marvellous stuff

~Eurovision lost its comic appeal when Terry Wogan left the building…

I have an aunt who lives in La Grande Motte, her garden gives onto the golf course so every year she has at least one duck nesting in it, and teaching her babies to swim in her pool. So pretty :heart_eyes:


We’re not big fans of resorts and apartment complexes, but have driven past it many times and will do so again next month…

Looks nice when descending into Montpellier airport from the sea direction although watching the reality police programme about the area some time ago I would not want to really go there for a holiday when the influx arrives July/August and all that goes with it. Like all resorts, there are nice and bad parts and living a few mins from a tourist spot for so many years, we never ever went there during the summer months, much preferring to drive for an hour to isolated beaches right out past Brigonan plage, the sea was warmer there too with the gulf stream running past.

Flying into Montpellier is indeed fantastic. I do it on flight sim.

We have a family flat in La Grande Motte that was bought in the 80’s. It is completely original. Including deco.

The flat overlooks the beach (200 metres away) and has a pool. You watch the planes coming over the sea and into the airport.

Yeah we watch that programme you mention…and over years it has become a magnet for crime. But the whole of the South of France is the same. I have never seen any trouble.

It was great when we were in our twenties….not so much fussed about it now. Although, we do have a five year old…and of course he loves it. So we have to go.

Yeah La Grande Motte…very very French. Not many foreigners (apart from me) go there. It is a French resort. And very famous (because of the architecture) at that.

Very rarely hear any English spoken. Certainly never met anyone who can speak English in a shop.

Vivre la vaccances

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La Grande Motte does look rather lovely…
Here’s their main site… with the option of French/English/German.

The beach looks wonderful and I reckon I’d thoroughly enjoy myself in those sparkling waters…

All those shows were first time round shows,but not funny repeated and repeated.

we’ve so many DVD’s we can always ring the changes… the Oldies still makes us laugh… :rofl: possibly because we can chat happily about when we first watched “so and so…” thus it’s a trip down Memory Lane…

nothing is quite the same if it’s repeated and repeated… much like a favourite meal… eventually one tires of it… the knack is to ring the changes… :wink:

The knack is not to watch them twice​:smiley::grin:

The beach is outstanding there. And very safe for kids.

Which is why it is so popular.

But the place is not quintessentially French in the way the British see/imagine France.

It is more…well….French.