Dover congestion

Perhaps better written as
"in the way some of the British might see/imagine France "… :wink:

In my opinion blanket phrases like “the British/the French” are rarely accurate :wink:

Anyway… it’s only this one person’s opinion… offered up with gentle humour… :wink:

Could it get any worse ?

And that’s alongside British Airways computer systems going down causing over 100 cancelled flights.


I just had the front cover of those French magazines you see in WH smiths in my mind when I wrote that. I’m still struggling find those places in France.

They are not in La Grande Motte. That is for sure.

Nice beach though. Nicer than Bournémouth.

I know La Grande-Motte very well. My ex-in laws and ex-brother in law live very close. When we lived in the UK we’d visit them two or three times per year, and when we moved to Alpes Maritimes then we’d visit every couple of months.

I agree, the beaches are lovely. I remember the sea not being very deep and my son being able to walk out quite far and the water only being up to his knees despite him being a toddler. The big apartment buildings, however, are not my cup of tea.

I also used to like going to Carnon and Palavas. It’s been a few years since I’ve been though… No need now.

A friend flew back from Stansted on Thursday night but was delayed by two hours because of a shortage of air traffic controllers at Bordeaux airport.

Even French airports have problems.

The design is famous….because they look like boats.

It is a bit art deco.

Does not bother me. I think the design is quite cool.

Just a period of design history. It is better to what they come up with today.

They go together, bank holidays and
air traffic controllers strikes.

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The passport e-gates at UK airports not working

Bit more balance, the delays at Dover were down to IT issues with the French Border Control systems.

Gosh hope that is soon solved as my daughter is flying in from DFW in July, first time back to Europe for 7.5 years and since she has seen me and her brother down here and the grandchildren for the first time. Coming on the A380 so hope some stupid technical problem does not spoil the wonderful experience as she is a Spirit Airlines (like Ryanair) customer locally and thats like flying in a deckchair with the pilot saying hoping he will get them down safely

On no they weren’t :joy: that’s only the latest twist. The core issue is Dover. Though French ATCs can be a problem I must admit. But Mr. O’Leary’s working on that :slightly_smiling_face:

Long waits for folk arriving in UK…
“All airports across the country using the e-gates are affected, meaning people flying in are having to get their passports checked manually.”
This problem is ongoing… !!!

Those leaving UK from Port of Dover, had other difficulties…

“Separately travellers leaving the UK from the Port of Dover also faced issues after the French passport system failed earlier on Saturday.”

That issue has now been fixed.

Dover congestion is, like its name suggests, a reccuring condition with many causes, particularly allergies and irritants. High on the list are Brexititus, Braverman syndrome (which can also cause watering eyes and loss of appetite (to live)), recurring exposure to Rees-Mogg fur balls or Fabricant’s dandruff. Even a small exposure to Mark Francois can cause an instant outbreak.

The only cure is to remove these irritants as soon as possible.


Tice Lice, Boris Liaritis and Faragorhea to name a few more

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