Driving license exchange

You seem to be missing the point - its ILLEGAL to apply for a UK license if you are no longer a UK resident.
The advice given on the facebook group is to apply in the normal way providing all the relevant documents and the scan of the expired license card/paper.

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I assume that expertise has been gained since July and that she has actually gone through the process herself as we have. A lot of ‘experts’ gave a whole shed load of mis informed mis information leading to Brexit which caused a lot of problems and unnecessary grievance. I speak from experience having gone through the process and understood the terms of the Agreement made in July. Getting a French driving licence (permis de conduire) with your non-French licence

The Agreement drives a train through all the normal legalities. If you apply to ANTS with an expired license you will be referred back to the country of issuance. Bit of a catch 22. As with many things here - what is supposed to happen, doesn’t necessarily happen in practise. I agree with you - it’s a conundrum and each individual applying will find their own way through it. I couldn’t in all conscience give an address to DVLA where I don’t live; but my license didn’t expire before I exchanged it so what do you do. I certainly wouldn’t want to re take my driving test in France.

Have you experienced that situation yourself? I ask because a number of people, including on this site, have successfully acquired a French licence on the basis of an expired UK one since July so I am a bit puzzled by your assertions.

Having written this this morning, I received notification from ANTS that my application has been rejected as I needed to add 2 more documents:

  1. DVLA Hire Car Code showing full details of my licence
  2. Write a short letter stating I am happy to have Categories C & D removed (or get a medical) I have no issue these being removed, so hopefully progress.

yes, my husband’s was refused and was told to refer to country of issuance. He ticked the wrong box. So we went through it again and the second time it was successful

As long as it’s in the system and you have your reference code you will be ok.

That’s not a rejection, Mat - most of us got that! It’s a request for additional information that hadn’t been asked for/supplied the first time around! If it’s got to that point, your attestation will come through pretty promptly!

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I have already supplied the extra info requested

So had his licence actually expired or not?

How did you find the online application?

Far from intuitive but ok once I got the hang of it. Problem is, it’s designed for every conceivable nationality and type of application so is bound to be messy.

Ah - one of those situations. How annoying…

At least they are looking at it, hopefully will soon be sorted.

I certainly hope so, Mat. My experience with more than one government agency is that, if you cough up whatever they are asking for, however daft, it means that they actually are dealing with it rather than fobbing you off. My fingers are crossed - please let us know :smiley:

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As far as I understand it, Kim Cranstoun was actually closely involved in the development of the agreement, is well connected with ANTs and officialdom and I would rate her advice over French Property News any day. There are hundreds and hundreds of people who have received a licence by following her advice.


Yes indeed she was, @JaneJones - also with the British embassy and otherbodies. Her knowledge is well documented and, as you say, many hundreds of us at least have worked our way through the system largely thanks to her. Since she occasionally visits here, I should say “Thank You” to @kim

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So your previous statement ‘If you apply to ANTS with an expired license you will be referred back to the country of issuance.’ was misleading as it was an incorrect box tick that caused the rejection. It is very clear on the facebook group that you can obtain a swap of an expired UK license to a French one.

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Would it be possible for you to post a link to the Facebook group as I can’t locate it?

It’s called “applying for a French driving licence” and it may not be visible right now as she has paused it to have a few well deserved days off!