Driving through Calais

Anyone got any tips for preferred routes into Calais ferry terminals to avoid potential problems with the would-be imigrants ?


We travelled back on the 17 December 3.30 pm French time and there were lots of migrants by the roadside, and lots of gendarmes too. I would say about 100 of them walking up the road from the tunnel. When we went over on the Tuesday, saw absolutely nothing, but coming back, although nothing happened to us, it was a little scary with so many on the roadside in groups. They were grouped in 10's and on their mobile phones.

This is the first time we have seen anything like trouble at the Tunnel and we travel quite frequently.

Katherine you cannot drop off at the jungle at anytime - there is a seperate warehouse to drop donations off too and you must 'book in' to be able to drop off

Not ANY problem when we drove though on Saturday late morning! :slight_smile:

Just noticed your reply Katherine...I'll pm you..today..thank you!

Hi Jeanette, If you friend the group "France and Beyond" on Face book you will link up with many people who are facilitating drop offs and volunteering in the Calais jungle and up further in Dunkirk. there is a big network of people collecting, sorting and distributing.

dont hesitate to pm me if you want more information.. I don't want to start a political debate on this thread.


I'm looking into all available routes and ways to try to deliver stuff...or me...to the jungle too.

(How is it...that there's so much aggro and bad feeling...when its clear the people there...are desperate and just about surviving...It's a them and us thing...'they' don't matter and must be crooked in some way....Praps.)

Half empty or half full Thea ?

Used Euro tunnel 2 days ago, at night and during the day. Did not see a sign of any immigrants Lots of Police, Lots of fencing. Stick to main roads you will be fine

There were none when we drove through recently and we do not foresee any when we drive through again in the next week either! You will be driving on the main busy toads anyway, and you will not see them there either! Have a good trip…

That's encouraging

I drove up the A26 yesterday, to catch a P&O ferry to Dover, without any problems.
The road nearer the port was lined with CRS, about every 50 metres, and I didn't see a single refugee/migrant/whatever.
They have tightened security at the terminal; they seemed to be searching cars more frequently,
and I had to show my passport at three different stages, but overall it didn't take much more time.
I was on the boat 30 minutes after I arrived at the first passport checkpoint, but I think that was just good luck!

As an aside, I believe that Calais has had to deal with a lot of cr*p that is not of its making. If more and more people start avoiding the port the town itself will suffer and it certainly does not deserve that.
I have used Calais frequently over the years and have experienced a few delays on both the ferry and tunnel routes. The delays have been caused by a variety of reasons; strikes, weather, breakdowns, fire, migrant activity and too few trains available for the volume of traffic. These delays have affected a very small percentage of crossings, the vast majority have been efficient and trouble free. In my opinion the migrant problem has made very little difference, it just gets an unrepresentative amount of front page headlines.

We travelled via Eurotunnel in March, June, September and most recently 7 December. We've never even seen any migrants but we were told that they're mostly around for the night time services. Having said that, there was some daytime disruption on the rocade yesterday, which was in a video posted on FB. Migrants were standing in groups across the road trying to get into UK bound lorries, so freight traffic was slow.

Security is generally much higher because of the recent atrocity - more vehicle searches, etc, but that's a good thing IMO, and we were aware of lots more gendarmes on the motorways. Overall, no problems so we shall carry on as normal.

Also It avoids seeing scruffy Brits going home and thinking they own the place.

Never had problem going via Eurotunnel. Its far better than the ferry.

Quick and easy

Concur with the majority of your respondents: No problem right now.

I'm in England for the Christmas shopping as I type.

We came on Monday via Eurotunnel, absolutely no problems.

One tip: Park upstairs, not under cover at Citie de Europe.

Cars can be broken into there.

Apologies for not saying thanks for the information people, very remiss of me. Here's hoping it's plain sailing next Weds

My heart sinks when I see threads titled like this. Seems the Daily Express & Daily Mail are winning the PR battle

Who knew? Bad people trying to get in your car at Christmas sells papers!

Pity the poor 200 migrants who've been welcomed to the UK (yep - they've let 200 in so far)

It's not what we are expecting Martin, Steve started the thread (note hasn't been back to say thanks even though was on the forum yesterday) so many posters have given their views all of which say pretty much the same thing, it's OK to travel along with thousands of others every day through Calais.