Drought - la Secheresse - WildFires 2022

Not a clear photo, but this is a wall of smoke from our terrace. Coming from a fire that has burnt 300 hectares down the valley from us.

Stay safe

And we have people moaning about not being allowed to fill their swimming pool, or wondering if they should have a barbecue.

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The other side of the valley is burning. Up on the Pécharmant slopes of the Dordogne valley a tiny bit NE of Bergerac. I hope they can extinguish it quickly.

Hopefully the Eucalyptus is not growing close to your house, because it burns really well too! That is Portugal’s problem right now!

Hi Hairbear,
I have a well as well, but somehow I rather leave the water in the well, because I prefer to water my vegetable with fresh water, because with the drought standing water can contain amoebes, which I really do not want with my vegetables.

I guess they do not have their priorities straight! Water for animals and veggies ok, but for swimming pools unless it is to fight the fire!?

We were put on the highest level of alert for fire this week. The village is full of very large mature cedar trees, which I’ve just found out are highly flammable. No fires near here so far :crossed_fingers:.

It is about 20 metres away to the SW and there are no trees upwind of it, but I keep a close watch.

Clouds are gathering… I wonder if we really are going to get any rain… :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Fingers crossed Stella, same here in 23. Currently following the lightening on ‘Live lightening maps’ and it is gathering pace up in to the Nouvelle Aquitaine.

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They are and we’re sitting outside at the local bar…

I’ve put empty bowls and saucers, anything, spread out on our terrace so we can retain some of whatever falls. The ground is so hard, I fear most of the rain will simply run off… and away…

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Fingers and toes crossed.

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The washer is drained into a 40 l horse bucket and the water carried to the neediest trees. I now stand in another one, fashionably pink, when showering. Ditto for the water. The dishes are done in a bowl. It’s keeping pots and a few veg and trees just about alive. We have bought five cuves last week and finally got the gutters installed. They drain into the cuves, the excess is fed into the dog field. Our waste plumbing has become redundant, except for the toilet… I’m waiting with bated breath for the rain… 5500 litres waiting to be captured, and if it’s feasible I will buy a couple more cuves. Providing we will get enough rain over the winter.

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I have no idea what I’m listening to, but they seem engaged and the audience appreciative so I’m going with the flow.

Food shortly :slight_smile:


Got a link? Sounds amazing :heart_eyes:.

I’ve got this clicking away…


AccuWeather is threatening 16mm of rain over the next 12 hours… Hopefully, it’ll be spread out and not dumped all at once.