Ducks in a row (travel to France sometime again soon)

I find it hard to believe that “the public” was so stupid it didn’t know that people died. Are you and I not members of “the public”?
I take your point, up to a point, but given that the excess death figure which to me is the only meaningful figure is still pretty significant I don’t think we can say covid has gone away. And yes I do realise that excess deaths may be the result of struggling healthcare systems as well as the result of infection but to me they are still covid-related. Which is another reason why the “within x days of infection” figure is random and meaningless because it takes no account of people who died through lack of timely care.

Falling from the latest data via John Campbell although you maybe taking France not the UK.
Trying to be rational especially as the death of your friend is still raw. The sheer numbers and we are into millions per week vs deaths is a chasm. Poor Eddie couldn’t have had a normal immune response, something must have been dormant until he contracted covid. Unless the medical people can determine what then we will loose some folk. If keeping away from people, wearing a mask and shopping once a fourtnight as my friends did and still caught omicron then there is next to nothing save for moving into a bunker on an island that could stop you contracting it.
Please don’t take this the wrong way, I am sad for your loss.

52% of the people proved their stupidity on Brexit!
My point was, if the figures for other deaths was mentioned even the non stupid and stupid ones may begin to think a bit more about their health, this could reduce the health care bill. It seems only deaths from covid were ever mentioned. If you were in one of the effected groups mentioned you may of course be away that on average 400 people die every day from heart attacks. Similarly from other ailments.
Meanwhile the Governments do nothing about the things that cause these issues. 1:2 will get cancer that is an appaling stat probably the same for omicron but which gets the airtime?

Now the USA has around a million cases per day and they are a sicker nation than us lets see how they get on, I am thinking higher death rate than just about everywhere else. Dont forget the wonderful US of A doesnt give out free tests so the actual numbers are going to be much higher.

Deaths are still on there way up according to yesterday’s data.

Keep us in the loop about how your experiment with catching the virus on purpose is going Corona, I can’t see many on here rushing to follow suit though :thinking:

What is missing from the same chart, which would put the number of deaths in context, is the figure for numbers infected. Omicron is nothing like as deadly as delta.

It’s not that most people are ‘stupid’, it’s the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ effect. Most people either just don’t recognise, or unconsciously avoid recognition of such facts. Until it affects them or thier loved ones or friends.

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There you go Sue.
Last year’s and this year’s figures for the likes of deaths due to cancer are going to be well up due to cancellation and delaying treatment due to the NHS being severely overstretched with covid, a lot of people who would have survived were handed death sentences due to the covid pandemic. :pensive:

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On hold for the moment as wife and I must stay healthy for her forthcoming hospital/surgery appointments, she has been waiting 2.5 years so I am not scared of omicron but I am of messing her appointments haha far worse outcome for me lol.
My appologies, it was ICU figures reducing.

19’30" if you want to skip the American parts.

France open again -

Negative test 24 hours pre-travel is going to be bloody hard for anyone taking the ferry - Portsmouth does not have facilities at the port (I don’t think any sea port does) and that’s not long enough for postal service turn around. :rage:

I think it depends on what type of ‘proof’ is required. We took a Randox LFT in the UK, sent them a photo of the result and within a couple of hours had a ‘negative certificate’ via email.

I looked at this one for my brother who wants to visit, its £65, but not on Sundays. there will be others so I will update if I find anything better.

The negative test within 24 hours is simple.

There are many services that post you a pack, you do the test and send them photos or video and they send you a certificate.

I did one this morning with Cerulean Labs. I received the certificate about an hour after submitting the photos. The cost was about £20.

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OK, yes I forgot some of the LFT tests allow you to submit photographic “evidence”

Bit of a farce really, so easy to fake it’s meaningless. But if there’s any problem getting the result your trip’s off.

I’ve got a few weeks until our planned trip, maybe it will go back to 48 or 72 hours.

I believe this new relaxation applies to people who can provide a Negative test 24 hrs prior AND proof they are fully-vaccinated.

On the face of it, unvaccinated holidaymakers are blocked.

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Cerulean Labs

Thanks for that info Brian I have just passed it on to my brother, its also a reasonable price some sites are still quoting £165 be glad when this ripoff is done.

I have been told that antigen tests are acceptable and you can get them done instore at some branches of Boots the Chemist quite cheaply, I think they said less than £30, result within half an hour or so. Maybe other chemists too. The person had hers done en route the Tunnel.

Might be worth looking into - though when we first travelled under the new testing regimen they did not offer a service locally and all the reviews said their service was haphazard at best getting results back. I agree LFT is a bit more direct and a lot has changed since the summer so maybe be worth checking again.