Duh? Help me to catch up

I managed to fill in the PDF attestation last time with all but date, hour and signature, so less to fill in each day, but this time I can’t find the way to make the form fillable (if you know what I mean), so I have printed off the last lockdown form.

No idea if it will be acceptable, probably will, but a bit of a pain to do it every day just to walk the dog. Especially as I am in forest and field not on public roads.

I heard somewhere else that someone used the same form each day and used the back for day/time/signature. Again, no idea if that is acceptable.

It looks like this should work…

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On the Gouv.fr site it’s a availble in a few formats, including docx.


That is handy.

It is, thanks to Fleur and Mark. I haven’t tried it yet because I am not on the computer attached to my printer, but wondered why the date is in US form rather than French/British.

?? The ‘date de naissance’ and ‘date de sortie’ look like French/British to me…

I printed my first derogatory certificate of the new lockdown? Champagne anyone?

Its a bit flat.

The birth date is to be entered at will, whereas it demanded that the date for the outing needs to be in only one format, mm/dd/yy. I always use dd/mm//yy. From where I am sitting I see that both my computer and my tv says today is the 30th of October 2020.

In the US the disaster of the twin towers is remembered as 9/11 and, as I am sure it occurred in September not November, their system is mm/dd/yy.

It doesn’t matter, just surprised me that an official French publication would force you to do such a thing. :slightly_smiling_face:

This form’s slightly different, but you can download it as an MSWord or txt. file, save it, then insert the repetitive stuff, name, place of birth (yeah, really essential…) etc, and then save the amended form somewhere convenient

Thank you, I have downloaded it but the suggested method to enable me to fill it in with the ‘repetitive stuff’ does not seem to work. I’ll try again tomorrow but in the meantime I have the previous pre-printed form as a stop gap.

I don’t know who makes up the rules on what’s allowed and what’s not but whoever it is needs their bumps felt. Apparently they are allowing individual members of chasse associations to hunt for an hour within a kilometre of their home, beyond crazy.

I’m wondering if that is to enable the continued control of certain rampaging species… during the confinement.


Like people walking their dogs or taking exercise? :wink:

No big deal but the ‘date de sortie’ is dd/mm/yyyy in my version so I do not understand your observation.

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I can only assume that ‘your version’ is different to the one I saw, but as you say ‘no big deal’ and as I said ‘it doesn’t matter’. :roll_eyes:

Maybe I should have said ‘official version’ rather than ‘my version’. Either way I assure you it was raised as a point of interest…not a point of contention.

Fair enough, it is confusing, there is more than one version circulating for some reason, and even one in English, though without the little boxes to cross, not sure how well that would go down with a country gendarme. :roll_eyes:

For the time being I have settled for the official version from the previous lockdown, mainly because I managed to type in my basic details and copy into my computer to print every couple of days (I use both sides). Much less trouble as I go out daily to walk the dog. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

I may well try the phone app route although yesterday on my first sortie’ to the veterinary clinic I did use the paper version.

So does this have to be printed or can you keep it on the phone?

Not an option for me, we are a completely smartless household, phonewise. :innocent:

Having said that, when I got back from the walk this morning I saw my attestation sitting there on a chair, patiently waiting for me to take it with me. :roll_eyes:

Not a serious issue though, our daily outing takes us through forest and field, not a public space is troubled in the course of it, so I seriously doubt that I would see a gendarme to ask for it. Haven’t even seen one in either of the 2 villages in at least the last 6 months.