Dustcart ? Where are they

We haven’t seen a dustcart for three weeks, are they still running, not expecting a regular service but not sure if they have stopped.

Depends where you are and who provides the service.
An email to your mairie or the service provider should provide the answer.

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UK rather than France but locally they are struggling with staff shortages - last week the messages on the council site was “leave bins out, we’ll get to them”; this week there seems to be less of a guarantee, especially for recycling bins.

Our bin was emptied last Thursday. Recycling containers appear to be emptied also.
But we are in Manche where the infection level is fairly low.
I wonder if we are allowed to use recycling containers? In normal circumstances the bin men refuse to take bags if they are seen to contain recyclable materials.

The bins are still being emptied here twice a week.

We are near Chalus 87230

Hi Anthony…

I cannot see anything on-line which says that rubbish containers/recycling containers will NOT be emptied in your area. so keep your eyes peeled and/or contact your mairie… email them a message/question.

It is quite understandable that rotas may have been changed…

I must stress that we are all forbidden to leave sacks of any sort on the ground… so if you cannot get your sack into the container… hang on to it until you can…


Please do NOT mix up what goes into what container… You will simply make even more work for staff who are already under strain… and/or risk having the container left full (not emptied) if it contains the wrong stuff.

cheers everyone…

For anyone living in the InterComm of Vire au Noireau, this is the most recent change. House refuse collections remain on the set days but some communes have an earlier start time. No collection of yellow recycling sacks; you need to stock them until further notice (& we only just got kerbside recycling collections started this January…). https://www.vireaunoireau.fr/vivre-et-habiter/respecter-l-environnement/gerer-ses-dechets/

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But it ain’t food and hardly counts as exercise!
I hear on the grapevine that some areas have stopped recycling.

Mike, I’m not sure what you are trying to say… how far away do you normally have to travel to put your black sack/yellow sack for collection ???

Some Dechetteries are closed and some are still open…the advice I have seen on various regional sites… is to contact your local one to find out what is happening (or your Mairie)… and if Dechetteries are open, it seems to be only for Professionals which makes sense. They will be taking stuff from the council refuse collections as well as those trades which are still allowed to work…

Despite saying the recycling bins wouldn’t be emptied they have been so far, the biggest issue we have is people from the neighbouring commune are dumping their crap in our main bin including old electrical appliances.

Oh that is so annoying… I now that all collection companies are doing their best to provide some sort of service… and then folk have to mess things up by trying to be clever :frowning: :frowning:

Our dechetterie is now closed to the public.
But the system here is obviously not the same as yours.
Non-recyclable rubbish is collected. We are required to put it in transparent bags, so the bin men can see if it contains stuff that should be recycled. Even it you want to dispose of a non-recyclable opaque plastic bag, you have to put it in a transparent plastic bag! :laughing:
Recyclable materials (glass, paper, metal) have to be taken to recycling containers. We normally do that when we go to the supermarket for shopping.
But if they stop recycling someone will have to decide if we should put everything out for the bin men or find some way of storing the recyclable stuff until that recommences.
We are in a fairly remote rural location. I just wondered what was happening elsewhere.

We have two bins serving the five houses in our hamlet and they sit at the end of our chemin by the roadside, currently there’s also a pile of asbestos sheeting which was dumped by a months back.

Our recycling collection has been suspended, and the déchèterie is closed. Non-recyclables are being collected weekly, but on a different schedule.

Recycling, in itself, has not ceased to be carried out. However, Collections may well be suspended or changed… but recycling is still continuing at reduced sites/staff/whatever… all over France… even if those sites will not accept your stuff for the moment.

check with your local Mairie or local Press for details appertaining to your area.

Many areas are asking folk to guard their recyclable… in one way or another… until normal service resumes…

Morning All

Just outside of Avranches in La Manche. Our dosmestic refuse is collected once a week in the brown bags supplied by the Marie, no problems with collections so far. However we have big plastic containers in the village for glass, paper , plastic etc. These have been suspended and we are being asked to store these at home during the shutdown.


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Yes, look after your cardboard. Report in the papers this morning that because a lot of collecting has stopped, and recycling and processing centres closed there is now starting to be a shortage of processed cardboard for packaging for food and drugs!

The dustcart was on its rounds this morning in the Roumazieres area. See on monday if the yellow bags get collected.

Took our recycling to the containers while Madame was in the supermarket. Nobody else there, so no problem with social distancing. Lunchtime seems good for both activities - not many folks around.