Easy french recipes in English

Are there any bilingual cook books? Or a site that I can use to make easy french foods? Anyone have a favorite recipe they wanna share?

Hello Meghann, although it’s not bilingual I do like this site, Marmiton, for instance I have entered recettes facile ( easy recipes) and it comes up with loads, with pictures. There are a lot with the ‘how to videos’ as well that are a help. You can download a recipe that takes your fancy and you have the French name for the ingredients that you can use with an on line translator like Google. For some words that Google can’t find I really like the Linguee Dictionnaire. I will give the you the links for both sites here. Bon apetit ! :slight_smile:




Have a look at this Meghann. My post from a few weeks ago.

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Fair enough, not in English… but so easy to follow the video…

Mother-in-law bought me this one for Christmas a few years ago…


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Not bilingual but in English try working your way through Elizabeth David the cookery writer who kicked off the British cook’s interest in genuine French food. https://www.amazon.com/Elizabeth-David/e/B000APSRIC

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Julia Childs - the movie about her life ** Julie & Julia** is great too.
She is the cook I most copy when it comes to ‘classic’ french cooking,