EDF - problem - any remedies

Frightening email received yesterday from EDF to say our prelevement had been refused by the bank. And thank goodness - 17,000 euros for 6 months. This only covers our 2 gites under EDF Pro. To say the least it has been a bad year and so hardly any visitors staying - thus limited usage of electricity. Had the bank paid how long would we have taken to reclaim the money? As it is there wan't enough to cover the demand so we are now faced with being cut off. We have spent 24 hours trying to get through to EDF but 'all lines are busy'. We don't expect the process of righting this wrong to be quick but would be happy to hear from anyone who has had a similar situation and how they managed to correct it. Thanks in anticipation of some helpful advice.

yes it's a scam, but for all EDF problems TRY THIS LINK! http://france.edf.com/customer-services/contact-by-phone-56301.html

I used it today after spending 2 hours trying to get an online registration for my son's flat. It was impossible the web service was all kaput and the french telephone line was always engaged. I don't usually like using the english lines as I like to practice my french but this worked and they sorted it easily, the proper old fashioned way YAY!

Well,It appears you've been a scam victim for which I'm glad on your behalf.

I received a paper bill in the spring saying there'd been a problem with my meter and I owed an extra 950-odd euros! Nowhere near your 17000, agreed, but still beyond my means to pay such an unexpected and not budgeted for sum.

I read the meter and called them with the numbers, and apparently I owe even more! There are only 2 on us living here in a 160m2 house. Yes, we had the airco running during the heat wave, and in June the pool was finally repaired after 3 years so the 3-phase pump had been running too, but surely not enough for a bill like that!!

I had to pay it of course...


I have had a similar series of emails from "France Telecom" telling me that "They are going to close my account unless I click on this link!" It is also a scam and is duly ignored.

Peter S

Reminds me of an incident that I had a number of years back with Orange S.A. due to double billing on an Internet subscription. Never mind that the second name was nothing like mine ("I had subscribed for this person!") or that it was never resolved, i.e. Orange kept my money as finally the amount involved was not worth the stress of pursuing the matter; what really impressed me was the attitude of the person I finally got on the service clientel phone line. I asked why none of their correspondence indicated a postal address. The response left me rather gobsmacked. "Oh no, then we have have to receive all those letters of complaints." I was finally privileged with an address to which I was instructed to send my registered letter. I sent three of them over a 12 month period with follow up phone calls, but as they could never find the file I can only assume that they were all binned.

Somebody has pointed out elsewhere in this conversation that France is in many ways an old fashion country. I agree with this and where ever possible I seek to resolve problems with the administration in person. I will add that French is not an issue for me. For those not so fortunate, bring a friend to translate or hire one of the multiplicity of services that have sprung up over the years to assist the linguistically challenged. They should not be hard to locate.

I believe that EDF has offices in most large towns. Don't bother looking on your bill; mine refers me to a number in Lyon whereas I live in the Lot. A look at Google Map or pages blanches.fr, however, should help you with the address of the closest office.

Know what you mean about being 'persistent'! I had to be 12 years ago when, just after arrval, I was sent a bill by GDF, which I disputed. They also said ' sort it out next time'. It took some effort to convince them that would not be possible - since not only I, but the whole commune, has no gas supply!

just wanted to say my problem wasn't a "scam" but a ridiculously high estimated bill from EDF, and until i sent them a photo by email of the meter reading they just said i had to pay it !!! and they would sort it out next time !! be persistent with EDF , and dont be fobbed off and feel you have to just pay up .

Hi there,

Agree with some of the other folks who say that it sounds like a scam!

Hope it's not out of place mentioning it here, but my husband runs a business specialized in helping people (expats namely) with these kinds of problems (when they're real of course, or when in need of identifying whether real or not!). It's called Excuse My French (excusemy-french.com).

Moderators feel free to delete this - I'm a new member and really do not mean to overstep or do gratuitous publicity. I had seen this message go out on Twitter and really just wanted to help :)



Hi everyone. Some useful advice also in this discussion in Gite Owners group: http://www.survivefrance.com/group/giteowners/forum/topics/how-do-you-tell-what-is-a-genuine-booking-enquiry

Jackie, this is very useful. I think it belongs under 'Useful links' (top line under the SFN banner, then 'Social' if you don't know it already). Perhaps send the link to James specifically to add for other people.

Here is the URL to the article that i mentioned


Looks like this one is a scam, had to happen sooner or (rather than perhaps) later. Otherwise, I would have looked back to recent posts on the topic of EDF who can be ba**ards with their customers anyway and given you the links.

Excellent - don't have the URL for the article, do you? - I need to apologize for a stroppy mail to my bank and the article may help...

I have received 4 mails like this which claim to be from EDF. I checked their website and there is an article posted there alerting their customers to an ongoing phishing scam directed at their customers.

Really? Can they do that? - I guess I must have been "lucky" so far then, my huge problems so far have been with landlords etc, ie. private people.

And yes, c'est la France, I guess. Being Scandinavian I have been more than chocked a few times, of how things work, or don't work, but still have not yet encountered what you write above, just the rolling eyes and exhaling when I address myself to someone/somewhere....! and all the rest.....:)

Sadly Annette, even when you send a registered letter, addressing all the issues, and asking for a reply to your specific questions, it is almost always completely ignored , and you just get a 'deuxième relance' standard letter !! c'est la France. I had an offcial letter the other month from the local Planning department ( DDT ) - with an email address printed on the letterheading. Guess what ? .. when I emailed them .. it bounced back ' no such address" ! !

In general, just remember that France is a somewhat old-fashioned country:) I have never had issues here where they didn't call me directly or sent me an old-fashioned snail mail letter.

French companies and especially government and all most government institutions will address themselves to you via letter, not email. Remember, you have to do the same thing right? In France everything official is via letter or even registered mail.

Still no answer at EDF but relief to know it is a scam - thanks all. At least I will sleep tonight

It’s a scam, do not click on the link and do not give your bank details again!

I’m having a few of these every week… Just delete it!

Aha! that's why there's no supporting bill......