EHIC card and NHS 'cover'

2 questions please
1, If you have an EHIC card that doesn’t expire until 2024 is it valid until then?
2. from here published Jan 2020
‘If you’re living in an EU country or move there permanently before 31 December 2020, you’ll have life-long healthcare rights in that country as you do now, provided you remain legally resident’
What exactly are the NHS saying here? On the face of it, it says you’ll be covered forever! By who, them?

Is your healthcare funded by an S1 ? If it is you need to apply for a new EHIC- E card , even if you currently have a EHIC that is in date.

A UK EHIC card is only valid whilst your resident in the UK - once you “live” in France its no longer valid… there’s a grey area around the first 6 months but it assumes you’re linked to the UK system. So an EHIC can be dated whenever you like - it isn’t valid if you’re not a UK resident.

Once you legally reside in France - or after 3 months - you are covered by the French system.

I don’t fully understand S1 and EHIC card - but some remain valid if there’s an S1 involved

check out this link…

is this S1 restricted to folks with a UK state pension? I am too young for a state pension
I read that thread EHIC vs EHIC-E and there appears to be no difference!?

that’s a broad statement; do you mean I qualify for a Carte Vitale so that will class as my ‘health insurance’ to live in France?


Dave… you say you’ve been in France for a while.

what steps have you taken (if any) towards getting yourself into the French Health system.???

(into any system, come to that… :rofl: :rofl:)

Not only OAP but I think some cross- border workers ( UK/EU) and some people with exportable benefits. EHIC and EHIC-E look the same but apparently they are different and without the latter your EHIC won’t work. You have to apply for that one - if you are eligible.

I’m the guy who sits at the back of the departure lounge and walks through the gate when the rest of you have finished queuing, ‘puffing and panting’ and sorting out any ‘departure issues’ :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Well… that’s just fine…

You can take your time… check through the various threads… see what is what…

and when you actually decide you need something… you will know just what you have to do… :joy: :joy: :joy:

whether or not you will have missed the boat, plane or whatever… who knows… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


you mean like all the ‘early adaptors’ who spent hours maybe days sweating over getting a French driving licence only for ‘the rules’ to be changed and now careful, carefree drivers like me can now drive on my UK licence forever :grin: :rofl: :rofl:

Not forever - just one year after 31.12.2020!

@Bodleon where’s your source for that? cos that’s not what that nice lady with the trendy hat has told me!

And UK gov says that French residents on S1 must/can get a UK EHIC card for cover in travelling in other EU countries.

Which explains why my wife who has lived her for 21 years was refused a French equivalent, presumably on those grounds.

@Spardo Absolutely… the “travel” card is issued by the country which is actually responsible for your health cover. Holders of S1’s issued by UK… are the responsibility of UK

and, always remember that proper Travel Insurance is always recommended alongside the “travel” card (EHIC) if you are off wandering…

I was responding to this, Stella, should have quoted in the first place. This is clearly wrong, as both you and I know. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s the bit most Brits seem to have a problems with @Stella
You might get medical care free at the point of delivery in the UK but elsewhere in Europe it is subject to the local rules and if only a percentage of the bill is funded, that’s as much as you will get without the addition of proper travel insurance - and for health care in France the same holds true… you only get what is basically available to locals without the addition of a mutuelle (which is a wholly different subject on it’s own of course).


and of course, to add to that, if you are resident in France, I think travel insurance from the UK is about as useful as a chocolate fireguard…

Chrisell, after the 31st December all UK EHICs become invalid as the UK is no longer part of the EU. APART from those people with S1s who have the entitlement to a new withdrawal agreement EHIC.

And after you have been in France for 3 months you are only covered by the French health system if you have applied and have been accepted. But if you are employed you are covered immediately.

Chrisell is correct, the UK issued EHIC is invalid as soon as anybody leaves the the UK with the intention to live permanently in a country within Europe. If you are in receipt of a form S1 then you can apply for the NEW EHIC-E card which will give you cover while visiting another country in the EU. This has only been available for a few weeks.

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