Eighties music suggestions - Let me have your three favourites!

I'm building a playlist on Deezer for an 80's themed party we're having soon and I need your help. What are your three favourite or most iconic tracks you can remember from the 80s!

Spot the odd guest in this one:


Roxette - The Look:


And some truly crap weather for Bryan Adams:


Steady on, Jeanette !

Whew !.....Rick Astley is one of the acts that I never really knew...as it must have been at the time when I was TV less and I didn't really listen to the radio for music (I was an LBC fan)....

Watching the video there seems to me a mismatch between his appearance (he looks so young, about 14), and his voice......Perhaps an updated version could be re-released......his appearance (the hair in particular) looks very 'Mark Ronson'



Was Patti LaBelle I think...but Christine Aguil......? In Moulin Rouge, with pals, did it better...

Somebody found a lush BMW 320i for me... nearly new.... but cheap as an old ford...in the car auction in... ummm ....Telford?

Car and Lady Marmalade ...full blast...suited each other so well... Not forgetting of course...that those Moulin Rouge girls must have had a pretty rotten life..ending in many cases with syphillis etc and .that I don't mean to celebrate any of it......

Excavating Memory Lane!

Have I p p p p hosted this three times already?

Time for my gruel and blanket bath.....

An amazing band through the decades Jeanette when you look at the sheer quality of musicians they've had. Ian Paice - top drummer, Blackmore - amazing guitarist, Jon Lord - brill on keyboards and Ian Gillan one of THE best ever rock vocalists (and the original J C Superstar).

Peter ..and John Alcock...just say


amazing...didn't know they were still ticking over
One day...they might come to Rennes
I think they may have done so a few yrs ago
Missed it...

On divine!!! It's like.... he is the coolest guy on the entire planet in his mac. (intosh) and then the barman....oh my!!! He goes wild, and the gals...they fell out seriously about who got the steps right.....
Long may he roll...
Thank you for that!!!!!!

Hahahahahaha eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek

Oh. Wooooooh!!!
There’s that barman…again!!!

Ok here goes:

F R David - Words https://youtu.be/N3vnnc4XPAA

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up - link above (thanks Carl!)

Liquid Gold - Dance Yourself Dizzy https://youtu.be/apJWThQalts

Never miss an opportunity to Rick-roll Jeanette

Still hobbling along too John, they were in Limoges three (?) years ago and Ian Paice is still one of the great rock drummers, up there with Bonzo.

Smoke on the water was first released as an album track in 1972 the lyrics do tell a true story and the group have so much history going right back to the 60s with Johnny Kid and the Pirates with Nick Simper

Lady Marmalade...but the Moulin Rouge version is better
The Rick Astley 'Rick Rolling' song....never fails to make me laugh..can't remembered title..
If Deep Purple was 80s...then...Sm-0-0-0-0-ke on the Water ...boom boom boom Tarr rrara boom..
If not...Then 'Ghostbusters'...

Liza Radley - The Jam

Ghost-town - The Specials

The Tide is High - Blondie

(a very tough choice to make and excluding many other favourites too!!)

James, I have 80's specific folders by year on my hard drive if you need any, but maybe I already gave you them last time?

Sounds like fun. Hope you have a blast.

Love will tear us apart, Joy Division (think just about 80's)

Relax - Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Lessons in Love - Level 42

I could carry on ........

Thanks for sharing - have added it to my Bibliothèque!!

I'm not a hater of 80s music i just found very little in that era that was of interest to me, i said a musical desert i didnt intend it to mean totally barren there were isolated flashes of genius i was born 47 up until i was 11 i never realised dad had played in a jazz band it was only when i joined a brass band that the story was told by my gran. Having mentioned Brass Band i bet many will think my musical tastes only run to to classics, far from it my eyes and ears were opened then to all kinds from the big band sounds of the 30s 40s the Doo Wop of the 50s rock of the early 60s Fleetwood Mac the early years with Peter Green,then later Stevie Nicks The Eagles of the 70s ,Clapton, the never to be repeated or forgotten Jimi Hendrix,Blues with BB king,Howlin Wolf. far far to many to list what ever the mood i'm in dictates the music. An incident back in the early 90s comes to mind i was playing a few obscure Beatles tracks when my son and his mates walked in, all in their mid teens, one lad listened and said i didn't know you liked our music meaning from the 90s i explained it was the Beatles from the early 60s and they were all hooked. I only stopped playing in the band when i moved over here in 2010 and still looking for a band to play with but few and far between over here, as for Wham Rebecca nah they dont even come close for me, lost in the musical desert

Thanks for all of you great suggestions. For those of you who use Deezer, here is the playlist that I am building. Enjoy!

Very New Wave but here it is:

Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode (or Strangelove, People are People, Question of lust, i.e. just about any of their hits around that time)

Tainted love - Soft Cell

Careless Whisper - George Michael