Electric cars

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Its better than even that Stella, new tech fuel designed in Scotland to produce electricity means fast refueling.

Which technology will make it first or best between solid state batteries and above tech?

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Which technology will make it first or best between solid state batteries and above tech?

That my main problem with shale oil / tar sands etc. With a nice high oil price there’s incentive to explore alternatives. Continues half-arsed pricing (which includes no allowance for replacement cost as we do today) means these valuable initiatives (and others such as organic batteries) may stall which would be a disaster.

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The march continues.

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It seems we are able to convert a fuel driven car to electric in the UK but not in France.
There are garages in France that do conversions but professionally and expensive.
I had the idea of fitting a electric forklift truck motor into our 1994 Fiat Uno with 485,000kms.
the engine is OK but converting it would be environmentally friendly and cheap.

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After your last terse post I don’t care to reply as I don’t know what I am talking about.

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I’d say pretty well impossible Barry. You’d need to bolt the motor onto the existing gearbox (which it doesn’t need), install a lot of gubbins to control the motor and find somewhere to stick the battery. A forklift does, what, 15KPH max? Even if you overcame the technical challenges you’d never get it road legal.

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There are lots of nice charts in the article that show EVs are gaining ground. Especially in China :slight_smile:

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This looks as deadly as the rest of their products.

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Deadly unattractive/ugly :roll_eyes:

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More problems for Tesla?

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A pal of mine’s Mum has a BWW Isetta when I was a kid. She took the corner into our road too quickly one day and rolled it. She was picking bits of toughend glass out of her skin for days. Here’s the new version…

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I had a 4 wheel one but it was vandalised before I had a chance to get it in the road.

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That’s a pity, it would have been great fun and they’re worth few bob now. https://classics.autotrader.com/classic-cars/1958/bmw/isetta/100987145

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I see Dyson is getting in on the act too…

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Haha, should clean the streets as you motor around.
Showed it to a Dyson engineer this afternoon, He loved it and is looking put it up at the office!

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You only have to get an electric motor to turn at 3000 rpm and it will deliver motion similar to a liquid fuel engine. A forklift motor would be very powerful and secondhand cheap.
One would need a plate to fit gearbox and motor, very common system which gives flexibility.
The control box uses heavy cables, and metering on the dash, Lithium batteries can go under floor were the fuel tank went.

I saw a conversion on a smaller vehicle using the electric motor which drove the hydraulic pump on a forklift, it was very fast, and had a long range.

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