Electric cars

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If the situation was reversed, how much would it cost to take out electric and install fossil engines? In China they replace fleets of busses and the owners are already stating the running and servicing costs are vastly reduced making the break even point closer than one might believe.

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(Paul Flinders) #263

With the ubiquity of personal contract hire most people are paying for use of a vehicle they will never own anyway.

But, yes, I think transport will change radically over then next 50 years.

(John Withall) #264

I am considering contract hire as the tech will change and probably quite quickly judging by the number of prototype solid state etc batteries on test.

(Paul Flinders) #265

It’s an expensive way to buy though - the only advantage I can see is that, if you change cars every 3-5 years anyway it sets out all the costs so you aren’t left wondering what your existing car will be worth when you come to change it. The big disadvantage is that it leaves you with no control over the costs beyond a “can I afford it or not” decision - can’t haggle the price of the vehicle, can’t haggle the value of your old motor (or sell it privately).

Currently I’m driving a 12 year old car that I have owned for 11 years so I’m not sure it would work well for me.

Long term you might be right about solid state batteries but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

(John Withall) #266

I wasn’t planning to buy, just rent via the contract method, that said the thought of £350 per month draining away doesn’t go unnoticed :wink: could buy quite a few taxi journeys for less! Thus as you posted ownership could well go out of fashion. That should Rodger the greedy insurance companies! I could the hire for holidays etc provided the UK companies, even those like Sixt owned in the EU will allow cross border journeys.

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Lots of EV news and reviews here,

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A friend dropped by… to return something… and to show us his electric car.

I asked about price… and he explained there was money from the govt against his old diesel car… a certain amount for each year he had owned it. Then there was the trade-in price of the old diesel…plus a discount etc on the purchase of the EV…well, seems They almost paid him to take it away… :thinking:

No, not quite, but it worked out to around half-price after all the sums were sorted out… and they threw-in putting a charging point at his home.

Turns out he can do 300 km for less than 2 euro of electricity… (so he says)… which is obviously a lot better than petrol/diesel.

As for charging… when using the fast-chargers… he simply organizes a lunch break and the car charges while they eat. At home, it is slower and goes on overnight - at cheap-rate electricity…

Almost sounds too good to be true… but it is a nice looking car and he and OH are very, very pleased with it.

(John Withall) #269

That’s why I have been banging on about them :grin: EDF announced last week they want a 30%share of the charging network, just hope they wake up to putting some on motorways

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It’s all change at Tesla, Elon will step in 6 months and his successor will be a Lady named Robyn

(stella wood) #271

She’s not Australian is she ???

Edited: Just seen the News… yes, it is Robyn… good girl… :relaxed::relaxed:

(John Withall) #272

Well he has had it coming, he has done well but maybe he can take stock of what it seems he was becoming :poop:

(Mary Wolcott) #273

I’m wondering what will happen to motorcycles. Hard to picture a driver-less motorcycle. Kind of cancels out the whole point.

(John Withall) #274

I have seen quite a few driver less motorcycles…then I realised they were accidents :wink::grin:

(John Withall) #275

With Hardley worth it now about to make an electric motor cycle, they will at last be able to call it the electra glide :grin: