Electric cars

(David Martin) #161

It won’t be on my shopping list.

(John Withall) #162

Getting the impression you are not a happy person, hope I am wrong. A Tesla pulled a jet the other month.

(John Withall) #163

Maybe a Porsche is more you?

(David Martin) #164

I hope that my next car will be electric but am prepared to wait until a significant step forward is made.

(John Withall) #165

Interesting, what are you looking for?

(David Martin) #166

I will want a reasonably small car with a range of 500km for days out.

(John Withall) #167

I consider the Kona to be a reasonably small car, it’s why I am waiting for the Kia Niro as it’s slightly larger. The shape may look large but in reality it isn’t. I want to get my first one on a 3 year lease agreement so the technology of solid state batteries will have time to establish. That will give smaller cars and longer ranges but I am all about practically. No way do I want anything big.

(John Scully) #168

I’d like one of those electric 365s but the company has gone wallop. http://forums.pelicanparts.com/off-topic-discussions/641137-euromasters-porsche-fountain-valley-ca-still-around.html

(John Scully) #169

That’s a long day out :slight_smile:

(John Scully) #170

I spoke to Tesla at a classic car event today (I’ve no idea why they were there) and they said that they’d have the new little one at Goodwood this month.

(David Martin) #171

That’s fairly normal for me, at least two or three times a month.

(John Withall) #172

Yep they are bound to tease us with the model 3 but when will they ship outside of the US, not for a while as the production issues means a big backlog in the US and rumours that Panasonic who make Tesla batteries are having trouble keeping up with demand. The model 3 is a serious contender for more affordable electric motoring.

(Maxime Sorin) #173

Jane, the problem is not the quality, it is the maintenance that is really lower in terms of quality.

For example, 20.000 kms maintenance service in Renault, the mechanic does not really change the oil,he just opens the cap, throws an eye and then if the oil color is ok he just closes it back. And then they sell you a 45 minutes maintenance service ready to go. One of my friend has his mechanic workshop, he often tells me that this kind of service must be at a minimum of 2 hours if you really do things the good way.

That is why Honda makes the most reliable cars in the world. The servicing is more expensive, but they do not joke with it and they really maintain their cars.

(John Withall) #174

So much of these ICE car problems will just not exist with EV’s.
No gearbox, No clutch, no cam belt, no oil change, no plugs/injectors,
Brakes should last 2-3 times longer as EV’s use regenerative braking rather than friction braking.

So much better in every way

(John Withall) #175

News leaking out, it seems that Nissan are making a 60kw battery packed leaf as a picture was closely inspected and the charging unit was displaying 102 KW which is too high for the 40kw version.

(John Withall) #176

In the UK the transport secretary has said hybrids will be exempt from the no ICE vehicles in 2040.
How an earth can a politician know how battery technology will improve in 22years let alone motor improvements.
Hybrids are just a stop gap, a temporary solution whilst better batteries are developed. Carting around a heavy, polluting, ICE and batteries is just daft, it’s ok at the moment but in 22 years time?

(John Withall) #177

Hyundai are claiming a breakthrough in solid state batteries.

(Maxime Sorin) #178

It’s not cars, but as it is electric vehicle, I post it.
One french brand that makes small vintage scooters where you don’t need any driving licence (limited to 50km/h)

The good old czech Cezeta brand is now back and sells electric only scooters. One model with two levels of power, speed and mileage range

I discovered this american arizonan brand, they specialize in pick-up trucks. Prototype for the moment with an horizon of sales for 2020, so relatively close. Specs are really interesting with 500/600 miles of range announced

(John Withall) #179

Well not until next year, as I posted earlier the 2019 model will be available with a 64kw battery (like the Chevy volt, the Hyudai’s and the Kia. Fast charging with active battery management (unlike 2018 model) and max charge rumoured to be 102kw. All good.

(Dominic Best) #180

The battery is probably fairly important but to be honest the main thing that would stop me buying a Nissan Leaf is it’s appearance.