Electricity Bills Increasing - or Not?

Just had the new schedule of monthly payments for the next 12 months…
Phew… it’s only gone up by 30 cents a time…

I’ve been waiting (almost) with bated breath and am very relieved that it’s not the huge hike which I’ve been expecting…

How are others faring ?

our monthly payments have gone down by 15Euro per month. Since we joined Tempo and keep a close eye on consumption we have on average paid 10% less on our bill, now also a quite large reduction forward on the monthly…

EDF repeatedly want to increase our monthly payments by about 50%, this despite the fact that we have been in credit for every year in the last 4 years. I believe they are supposed to consult the customer before raising the monthly payment, but in June they just sent us a letter saying they had increased the payment. The OH phoned them and insisted they reverse the increase. They asked again in August. They seem to base the figure they should be charging on the size of house, and can’t seem to understand that as we have 4.1Kw of rooftop solar and a modern insulated house, that we don’t consume anywhere near the average for the size of house we have. It’s very frustrating. If it continues, I may change away from a monthly payment and asked to be billed.

EDF recently suggested increasing our direct debit to €180 p/month…! :astonished:

Considering each year they’ve overestimated our usage considerably and always had to reimburse us several hundred Euros, this year I declined their invitation. I’d rather keep money in our bank account not theirs.

Could always leave EDF, there are others.

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There are, but mainly unregulated and more expensive

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record I’d like to advise anyone on the monthly fixed payment deal to drop it & go over to monthly real billing.

As everyone has (or should have) a Linky by now this option is available to all.

No, this won’t change the price of the power you use but at least it means an end to monthly overcharging or horrendous yearly catch-up bills.


I’m trying to open Mon Espace EDF so I can double check the annual bill.
We’ve been cutting-back on usage and I want to see how much difference that has made.

Unfortunately, their WebSite keeps giving me the “sorry, we’re in the middle of fidgeting with something… please try and connect later”… so I must be patient.

We’ve been with EDF since the very beginning… used to have the split meter… cheap/expensive… but after a couple of years, the figures showed that was actually costing us money, so we went for standard rate. Plus we decided it suited our setup to pay monthly.

Once EDF believed my explanation for saying NO to a rather large suggested increase… they’ve not troubled me with silly figures… :wink:

But, with all the talk of increased costs of this and that, Energy or whatever… I’d been half-expecting quite a hike for 2024… phew…

Yep… we do have a Linky now… and your suggestion makes sense…
I’ll try and contact someone… when their site is working again…
Possibly not able to change until next year, but we’ll have to see… will they agree to send me a paper bill each month???

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Then avoid the more expensive and unregulated ones, unregulated, en France?
Anyway Mint are cheaper and regulated if they are in the right area codes.

0.2389 cents per kW base

@toryroo had a dreadful run-in with Mint, I.I.R.C. Others may find elsehow.

EDF whacked my monthlies up from €80 p.m. to €147. I did owe them €543 at year’s end but since then have swapped an elderly 200L balon that was on 24/7 for a mod 100L one and put a timer on it for 1 hr x 2/day. This has made a dramatic difference.

EDF now owes me €300 for May-Sept. We’ll see how things go when I have to start using heating.

I am sure many would say the same about EDF et al.

Yes. As with the phone companies, experiences range from blissful to outrage.

EDF 0.2276 € base tarif, Tempo tarif much cheaper (apart from the 22 Red days), still much cheaper overall

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Why not? It’s a simple phone call to 09 69 32 15 15‬. Have all your details ready.

I might be wrong but I don’t think they’ll send out paper bills for monthly accounts (i.e. they are online only), but they will for bi-monthly.

Save the paper & get billed monthly I say… You can download your bills, so you can consult them offline easily.

Thats good, when I looked they were more, is that inc tax? Abonment €17.18 after tax (9KVA)

I can’t download easily… that’s the problem I’m going through… :wink:

Don’t worry : as soon as they’ve breached your pricacy by their telephone agent grilling you in detail about every appliance you have in your house, EDF may graciously be willing to negotiate a monthly payment lower than what they had informed you they were going to impose before you protested

I view the increase EDF has announced to me each year as resulting from some very clever programmed analysis of my current bills and how they will evolve with rate increases they have already squared away with the government, whether those increases have yet been announced or not, across the totality of the next 12 months. As they have always turned out to be pretty accurate.

The trouble is, I hardly use any electricity at all, most of my bill is standing charge and tax and for one part, tax on tax. And in the past 3 years my consumption of electricity has actually slightly diminished. And EDF is saying with the new mensualité they try to have, that my bills will go up by amounts like 33% and 15%. And at the end of the year that was close enough to what the year total cost.

I’m tired as a very low consumer of electricity, of paying such high standing charges. As with the current billing structure that gets made so much worse by the layers of tax.

I think @letsmile has the best solution.

We get a bill every 2 months and pay it online the same day, I don’t like others messing in my bank account. Difficult to say if it has gone up or not as this summer we have had extras on the go such as the clima for Fran (which we would not have had on normally) and her oxygen machine which for a time was going 24/7.


I fear massive thread drift here, but what’s the problem?