Engie contract

Hi all - I am up for energy contract renewal and I remember someone posted info on a cheap plan fairly recently…ie last couple of months. Of course I can’t remember anything more than that. Does anyone have an idea where i can search? TIA…

Replying to myself: I just found a post from buff house (?) re 4 year fixed and/or serenity contract. That may be it.

@Nigel-at-BUF-House perhaps…
There was also this topic some time ago…

I posted some information in the topic referenced below regarding a group purchase scheme with Wekiwi that I joined last year through Selectra.

My contract with Wekiwi ends this November and I will be changing to EDF (who currently supply my gas).
Reasons for switching to EDF are:

  • government controlled, so prices are likely to be capped and contracts honoured;
  • in my experience, it is EXTREMELY difficult to get refunds of overpayments in a timely fashion.
    (I recently had to write to Wekiwi’s Country Manager to get my overpayment refund!).
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