WTF!? Just had this email from Mint Energie

Feck feck feck, they hav ebeen sending me email saying the tariff will change. We currently pay €105/ month and just got this email now:
Pour rappel, comme annoncé le 30 septembre, votre contrat ELECTRICITE évolue dès le 1er novembre 2021 : votre offre actuelle sera remplacée par l’offre FLEX & GREEN indexée marché, dont le prix du kWh évolue chaque mois* .
Le prix du kWh en novembre pour votre contrat sera de 0,28€ HTT par kWh** . Cela peut avoir un impact majeur sur votre facture : votre budget du mois de novembre est estimé autour de 299€ TTC*** , sur base de votre consommation habituelle à cette période.

Are they fecking serious that it will go up 300%??? OMG help those that have been looking at other suppliers I’m in a panic!

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This link does talk about solutions and speaking with an advisor to find the best deal… perhaps contact Selectra and see what they advise…

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Blimey, are they taking the piss or what ffs ?

That’s extrortionate!

That’s almost twice what I currently pay, and I’m on a standard EDF tariff. WTF indeed :open_mouth::zap:

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@toryroo have you got a Linky??? it says Mint is aimed at Linky folk and will go up and down (huh) according to the market price…
and the good news is “it’s Green and French”… which is wonderful, indeed, provided one can afford to switch anything on !!

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Energy prices have been rocketing - hear about it all the time in the media, but not to that extent! Electricity went up 12% this month alone.

Lots of comparison sites, so get those fingers tapping.


Is Selectra a good comparateur ? Do they compare all tariffs or only the ones that pay them to?

As FR produces its electricity by nuclear to such a great extent - 70% - and " France is the world’s largest net exporter of electricity due to its very low cost of generation, and gains over €3 billion per year from this."

the increases must be because the industry is taking a ride on the oil price increases. I s’pose that’s business. :roll_eyes:

To think that a UK Cabinet Minister said, on the inauguration by H.M.Q of Windscale/Calder Hall that “electricity will soon be too cheap to meter.”

As for Mint, I was all ready to sign up when I read a comment on SF which put me off. Glad I went for Tarif Bleu/EDF now.

EDF sent me a forecast for the monthly d/d at 80€/p.m. I thought that sounded a bit high, for just me on my ownio. But it was followed chop-chop by one for 53€ p.m. 'Aaas betterer!

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why not check out the link and see the information it gives…

You might want to revisit a previous mention of Mint’s change in tariff here:

I moved away from Mint 10 days ago and took advantage of a Selectra Group offer where electricity is supplied by Wekiwi. Well worth contacting Selectra.


Well, I thought the link was worth posting… so I did…

but it’s especially useful to get some feedback from satisfied folk…

That’s almost EDF Tempo jour rouge pricing. Isn’t Macron freezing utility costs for 2022?

I think I’m just going to go with EDF to be honest! Seems to be so little savings, the one I did like the look of isnt’ taking new customers (a lot aren’t by the look of it) so I think EDF might just be the safest option.


EDF was our fall back position.
However I still think that its worth subscribing to Selectra’s emails.
That’s how I managed to get including in their group purchasing offer.

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I’ve just spotted where I can sign up to be notified of the next group deal. How much are you paying? Sorry if you have already said and I missed it! Although with the 1st November only days away I feel like I need to move provider today!

I did look at them, and they were slightly cheaper than Mint when we moved to them HOWEVER I just refused to give my money to a big patroleum company and went with Mint due to the green energie and the tree planting they do when you join up and at other times as well. I think I now have 4 or 5 trees planted by them in Haiti (I think!).

Another thought, the fact they have gone so absurdly high and not even in the ball park of some of the other companies, do you think they actually are trying to shut down and this is the way to get rid of all their clients???

I hear you. I must admit that I did wobble when Direct became Total.

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The problem is, if you change, they could raise their prices as well soon after and you’re back to square one. Maybe wait until the market has settled, then compare?

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