WTF!? Just had this email from Mint Energie

I can’t afford to stay with Mint! However I see what you are saying and that was part of my thought process with going back to EDF!

I moved to Mint in June having been with EDF since 2004. EDF used to just bill me actuals but Mint wanted this smoothed annual approach which I suspect has more to do with their cash flow than consumer convenience. Anyway, I got fed up with Mint’s doom and gloom Armageddon emails so I moved back to EDF this afternoon. Now I am on one of their smoothed plans :roll_eyes:

I’ve also notched down my kW from 18 to 15. When I first bought the house the owners had the kW very low and it kept tripping. Which involved a drive to our meter to reset. I just got EDF to jack it up to the max the meter would do, which was 18. I’ve probably spent seventeen years with over capacity :roll_eyes:


I’m mystified; if you are not using your HC period for heating or hot water then unless you are regularly charging electric vehicles overnight I fail to see how paying the higher HC/HP abonnement & higher price per kW during HP would be worth it.

Way back when we did a simulator that showed that HC was no good for us as a) we have heat pumps and b) we have a gite who need copious hot water when they want it, not when we want to provide it cheaply.

However now we have Little Evie (our electric car) this changes things. Has anyone found a good simulator that includes these sorts of things?

Yes, wise words. I’m waiting for Total to announce their price increases before I compare again.

Do you really need 15kw??? might be an idea to rethink/re-evaluate.

We run on 9kw for the house, no tumble drier or electric water heater… but apart from that we’ve lots of bits and bobs including 2 chest freezers … and 9kw is ample.

You could be right. Just when it tripped out in the early days and I was heading off into the rain and darkness to find a box One the road at the end of our garden I didn’t want to mess about. I guess I should make a list and work out what my peak requirement is.

Just a thought… for some reason our kettle tripped the other day and after investigation OH realized that he’d got too many things on the same line. This has come about due to a change in the kitchen.

All he did was move the microwave (I think) to the other side, where it was on a different (underused line) and all is well.
I use the now-free plug for charging (camera/phone) and that is so useful as I am in the kitchen a lot and can keep an eye on them and, in particular, the phone which is supposed never to leave my side…

Well that opens up another issue. We have three phase and every now and then with no pattern and no obvious reason one of our circuit breakers trips. A neighbour thinks our system is unbalanced. All a mystery to me :slightly_smiling_face:

You may find that a change to single phase would allow you to reduce your abonnement further. Unless you have need of triphasé it’s a lot simpler to have mono.
P.S. Having a différentiel or disjoncteur tripping due to “imbalance” is only possible if either of those items is triphasé. Without knowing more it’s hard to diagnose.

Hot off the presses, my latest Mint email.

Chère cliente, cher client,

Pour rappel, comme annoncé le 30 septembre, votre contrat ELECTRICITE évolue dès le 1er novembre 2021 vers une offre FLEX & GREEN indexée marché, dont le prix du kWh évolue chaque mois* .
Le prix du kWh en novembre pour votre contrat sera de 0,2851€ HTT par kWh** . Voici nos estimations*** de prix HTT par kWh pour les mois à venir :

Décembre 2021 : 0,28€
Janvier 2022 : 0,26€
Février 2022 : 0,26€
Mars 2022 : 0,26€
Avril 2022 : 0,14€
Mai 2022 : 0,14€
Juin 2022 : 0,14€

NOUVEAU : Si cette offre ne vous convient pas, vous pouvez souscrire à tout moment à notre offre Smart & Green à prix fixe à partir de 0,16€ HTT le kWh garantie 2 ans , depuis votre espace client ! Pour cela, cliquez ici .

That is still unlikely to be worth it. Rough rule of thumb is that you need to use 45% of your kilowatt hours during HC to make it pay.

Surely they should say HT or TTC…? …or are they trying to confuse their clients?

It’s punt :joy: Though if anybody is up for it you could lock in at the low rate and then dump Mint when prices drop because I believe the power companies can’t let lock you in. Worth considering? I’ve l ready jumped because I think they are slippery but for those with them :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d also like to go to 15kW from 18kW.
Trouble is that I have a 3-phase supply and I’d rather change to single phase before I go to 15kW.

You may well be right. I await the impact chez nous :thinking:

You can only have a maximum of 12kVA on monophasé i.e. if you want to change from tri to mono you will drop to 12kVA by default.

Front loading their cashflow? UK has legislation preventing companies doing too much of this.

Don’t you love that French word “évolue” ? Whenever I see “Votre…évolue” , such as from bank or insurance company, or see it on a poster like for public transport…I know “évolue” means only one thing… a price rise.

I am insinuating nothing but I am seeing an AWFUL LOT of Bulb customers in the U.K. whose monthly direct debits have dramatically increased over the last few months, way over and above the amount they should be paying for the energy they consume, right at the time the wholesale prices have massively increased and energy companies suddenly need a lot more cash…

Incidentally I’m surprised there’s not more talk of Bulb given France is one of their first places they’ve expanded to, I guess they’ve not made much of an impact here so far.

It’s become pretty obvious to me over the last few months that companies “recovery” from the pandemic will be based on screwing the hell out of the customer. No matter what sector I look at that seems to be the strategy, Carrefour to car ferries.

What freaks me out about it that that inflation could screw us all, as it did in the seventies. So interest rates have to climb, good for those with a few bob in the bank but what about the “quantitatively eased ” economy we live in?

Positive as I usually am, I’m nevertheless a bit, moderately, wobbly at the moment re inflation: hatches ready for battening down, It could sink us all.