EU Elections: Voting in France: Procuration : Lists etc

(Guy Marshall) #1

Just in case people are unaware, UK citizend living overseas can vote in the upcoming EU Elections. This is a great opportunity to show the EU and UK what we really think. Don’t waste it!

Citizens of the European Union (who are not Commonwealth citizens or Citizens of the Republic of Ireland) can vote in European and local elections in the UK, elections to the Scottish Parliament and Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies (if they live in those areas) and some referendums (based on the rules for the particular referendum). They are not able to to vote in UK Parliamentary general elections

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(stella wood) #2

Hi Guy… I have been encouraging folk to go to their Mairie to ensure they are on the Electoral Roll for this year…

Hopefully, all those to whom this applies… have not left it too late…

(Jane Williamson) #3

We are registered to vote in both places.
You can either vote for a UK MEP or a French obe, but not both.

(Jane Jones) #4

Do you think they would notice? I’m registered in both places too…

(Jane Williamson) #5

If I tried it probably.

(Guy Marshall) #6


This may be your last chance to vote on the EU - UK nationals living overseas can vote!

(stella wood) #7

Nope… just told me I’ve been out of UK too long… :upside_down_face:

(Guy Marshall) #8

Hmm - thanks for pointing that out, Stella. The website implies any UK Citizen can vote in the EU elections, but it maybe the 15 year rule still applies. Apologies for the mis-information…

(stella wood) #9

It’s OK Guy… it was worth a try…:upside_down_face:

Your thread might well jolt/help those who can… to get on the Register…

(Norman Clark) #10

My Electoral Card arrived yesterday, now to do my little bit to stop Marine Le Pen who seems to be just a couple of pêrcentage points behind Macron on the ‘proposed voting’ poll.
I do realise this is not unusual in French elections but this is NOT a two-stage event, so every vote counts! At least the positions seem clear Far Right Le Pen, Far Left Melenchon, and Centre (Right) Macron.
Out of the three , for me the choice is clear. Other issues are important such s climate change but too many professional ‘chancers’ seem to be tying their colours to this, and for me single issue pollies in a complex multi-issue world do not persuade me.
BUT the traditionally low turnout for these elections must change this time no matter where you stand.

(stella wood) #11
(stella wood) #12

With 34 lists … on voting day, folk might get tired reading through, and never get to the end… (this has been muttered locally). But I reckon folk will know whose Name to look out for before they get to the Polling Station…

Nathalie Loiseau heads “La République en marche”… M Macron’s lot…

But each to his own… :wink:

(stella wood) #13

If I have understood things correctly…

Voters vote in a single round for the List of 79 candidates of the Political Party of their choice…

Any List having obtained more than 5% of the votes, will see a part of its 79 members elected, according to the number of votes in its favor.

Any List which gets less than 5% will be excluded from the distribution of seats.

Logically, the more votes a List gets, the higher the number of MEPs that List (Political Party) will have in the European Parliament.

(Teresa Shipley) #14

So excited to receive my voting card today only to find the election is on 26th may when I will be at my niece’s wedding in uk. The UK vote is Thursday when I will still be in France
It feels like a conspiracy to stop me from voting.

(stella wood) #15

You can arrange for someone to vote on your behalf here in France… but you need to be quick…

I believe it has to be done at the Gendarmes… I know a neighbour arranged for the Gendarmes to visit on elderly lady who was bedridden… some years ago… only took a few minutes… phew… then the document/notice had to be logged in at the Mairie…

time is of the essence…

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(stella wood) #16

I should have said… if the Mairie does NOT receive the notification/documentation in time … even if the person you have chosen, turns up on Sunday … they will not be able to vote on your behalf.

(Teresa Shipley) #17

I had assumed voting would be Thursday as in uk. I’ve decided that reluctantly I’ll just miss voting this time as my husband has got to negotiate finding the poll station, understanding how to place his vote etc.
Having to present as a proxy voter as well is perhaps a step to far.

(stella wood) #18

Goodness Teresa… it’s not difficult to vote. go armed with passport and polling card (even if you are not asked to produce one or both)

Inside the Polling Station there will be a table/something where all the 34 Lists are laid out. You simply pick up ONE of the 34 lists…(make sure it is the right one…

You pick up ONE envelope… from the pile provided…

Then you go into the Polling Booth (for privacy) while you put the ONE List of your choice into the envelope… do not write or mark anything in anyway.

Then, clutching said envelope you make your way to the Table where folk will be sitting waiting to find out who you are …present the Voting Card (and Passport if necessary) …

Someone will find your name on the electoral roll and you will be asked to sign beside it.

There will be a large see-through box with a slot mechanism… and you will be asked to put your envelope into that box…

All done and dusted…

Anyone voting by procuration… needs to go armed with the procuration in the name of their friend/relation… VC if available and own Passport…and the process goes on as above…
with the person actually voting… signing beside the name of the Absentee…

(stella wood) #19

Of course… many folk pick up lots of lists… in case anyone notices which List they prefer… then they have to bin the unwanted ones and put the ONE in their envelope… all very cloak and dagger… I go the simple route…

Remember… do NOT write or mark or tear the List… just put it in the Envelope… writing nothing on that either… .please… :hugs:

(Graham Lees) #20

Thanks for the reminder about the process stella

and the person supervising the box may well say “a voté” in recognition of your action…

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