EU members not coming to Uk to work creating problems for farmers


(anon88888878) #100

Oh dear Helen - never describe yourself as ‘ordinary’ - as Eleanor Roosevelt once said ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent…:wink:

(Helen Wright) #101

I don’t think for one minute that this reply is aimed at me personally and I Am not one to take offence as offence is subjective and what may offend one individual will be water off a duck’s back for many more…but opportunity to better themselves/ourselves is fast becoming a closing door…It genuinely worries me…the potential future we are leaving for our kids and our grandkids and their kids…if we don’t speak up…I really don’t see it’s a case of laziness…our youngsters have been sold down the river…the barbaric system pits those who struggle to thrive enough to pay tax against those who can’t even earn enough to live and support their own families…there has been an outright war against the family unit…two parents having to work full time one on the night shift one on the day shift and still struggling…what’s that about…??? In the bigger picture there is no debt no personal debt as it’s our own signatures that create all value…and by extension no country debt…no council debt…no debt to the inland revenue etc…it’s an illusion…I don’t know what the answer is but it makes me sad when we argue amongst ourselves…that’s all…(((((( Hugs ))))))

(Helen Wright) #102

Oops…oh yeah…forgot that for a sec whilst standing on my soapbox…thanks for the reminder…! Don’t you know we’re talking about a Re-Love-ution…??? x :slight_smile:

(Timothy Cole) #103

That’s a very downbeat prognosis for the future Helen, it’s all very well blaming the government of the day or the City of London or global media companies but what about personal responsibility?

(Véronique Langlands) #104

Child benefit: money given by the state as an investment in welfare, or (seen cynically) in future taxpayers/insurance against future healthcare costs/ in improving future crime statistics

Child support: what parents are supposed to pay to support their children, if the child does not live with them. In the case of many many parents who don’t have their children living with them “out of sight, out of mind” seems to apply, many children receive practically no support from the absent parent with a knock-on effect of poor outcomes for many of those children.

(Helen Wright) #105

I take personal response-ability as much as I Am able to…I boycott Israel and don’t buy imported produce…I boycott Nestle…I don’t buy newspapers…I support independent media…I am anti-vaccination and support all those raising awareness…I don’t use any chemical products on my land nor on my dogs…I am opposed to Big Pharma and the lies of the cancer industry…I loathe the war machine…I have many times asked purported banks and lending institutions for proof of claim…they can’t provide it…I’m just one mother of 3 kids and four grandkids…I educate myself as much as possible…I walk the fine line between the world as it appears and the abundant world I know is possible for all of us…I don’t see a poor prognosis I see a global awakening…Yep you could probably say I Am an idealist too…x :slight_smile:

(Barbara Deane) #106

Personal responsibility to a degree.
But lots of bad luck can get in the way…such as illness.

(Timothy Cole) #107

@Helen6 could I ask why you boycott the makers of Polo mints and Lion bars.

(Véronique Langlands) #108

Because of the babymilk scandals of the past, presumably, among other things.

(Helen Wright) #109

For the same reason I don’t drink Coca Cola…x :slight_smile:

(Timothy Cole) #110

I’ve read the link and what’s interesting is the disclaimer at the bottom -

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are of sole responsibility of the author(s). The Centre for Research on Globalization will not be responsible for any inaccurate or incorrect statement in this article.

So does this mean it could be a load of rubbish?

(Helen Wright) #111

Many years ago during an ongoing…trying to think of a politically correct way of saying it…WAR…,with the farmer next door and his threats that as he had paid to put the water meter in at the top of the lane then I should be thankful that my house even had water…I disputed my water bill…during renovation there had been no water used by me over a 12 month period…so naturally when I received a bill I refused to pay it…to the point of police involvement…”So in effect when I have used no water during the last twelve months you’re trying to tell me that I should pay for water freely given from the sky…???” I asked him…”You’ll have to take that up with the water authority” he replied…”and while you’re here do you know the law that governs shooting next to a residential property…??? How far away from my boundary should they be…??? Is it acceptable that they can drive up my private driveway…across my private land shooting bullets across my garden…???” “I don’t know” he replied…whilst to me it was common sense and BLATENTLY obvious that there must be a law that prevents live bullets whistling over the heads of children playing it’s obviously not quite so clear cut to the police who get called out to mediate…

(Chris Kite) #112

For an alternative view,

(Helen Wright) #113

Personally I think not…what do you think of the so called water crisis in cape town…??? (Gotta laugh just now…we have had enough rainfall over the last month to last 12 months and in the last week my water has been cut off twice including tonight…not to mention my electric and my internet…!)

(Timothy Cole) #114

I think it’s called climate change however a lot of the problems are down to poor water management over the last 20 years the blame for which should be laid at the door of the SA government.

(Helen Wright) #115

Yep I’ve seen that too Chris…There’s a fine line to walk between truth and propaganda…and what we feel in our hearts to be true…Can we morally and ethically accept the damage done to the water table by fracking and the health risks to local communities currently affected by that…can we justify that in the name of corporate profit…???

(Helen Wright) #116

I agree the blame should sit squarely in the hands of the SA government…I have friends in SA who are left without water for a week at a time…but there is no shortage of spring water in SA…and SA is surrounded by ocean and in fact SA is abundant in natural resources gold diamonds minerals plus all we need to power our mobile phones all provided by the slave labour of children…Climate change…??? Is that just another name for “global warming…??? Is that just another corporate scam…??? Carbon credits…??? Is that a scam…??? I also have friends in Gaza…their electricity is severely limited…some days my heart is in my mouth waiting to hear they are ok…the last Israeli strike was just 8km from a kindergarten that I support…

(Véronique Langlands) #117

An old friend of mine (since we were students) wrote that :wink:

(Timothy Cole) #118

Come the revolution all the ills of the world will simply disappear.

I visit Bordeaux several times a year and there’s a building in the centre that is guarded 24/7 by soldiers, any guesses what that is?

(Dominic Best) #120

Drought-hit Cape Town rejoices at rainfall