EU members not coming to Uk to work creating problems for farmers


(stella wood) #77

Now then Tim… I’ve got the Midwife dvd’s and am waiting to get the next set for winter 2018/19 viewing… great stuff for relaxing by the fire…when its arctic outside… brrrrr

(Barbara Deane) #78

Some people are artic inside.
This was how it was in the early sixties in Poplar
east London.
Yes some people are contented with small things…
And some of us come to France for the simple life.

(Timothy Cole) #79

Wife loves it, only thing I enjoy are the end credits.

(Barbara Deane) #80

Ah so you could not write the script…
It takes sensitivity.
And the narrating is excellent as well as the acting.

(stella wood) #81


Please do NOT start saying what is or is not missing in men (or women for that matter)…


(Dominic Best) #82

Barbara is correct, sensitivity is sometimes missing in men, but she forgot to complete the sentence. It should read, sensitivity is sometimes missing in men and sometimes missing in women too.

(Helen Wright) #83

Not replying to anyone in particular and this is just an experiential observation as the mother of 3 kids two daughters who who are coming up for 30 and 28 with two children each and my son who is coming up 23…no children as yet…Self employed most of my life bar mind numbing exposure to the thatcher government (who incidentally my parents always supported until the poll tax) and the YTS scheme and trying to get a job after I left school at 16…not by choice as I wanted to stay on and study veterinary medicine…but by necessity due to the poll tax and the financial pressure on my parents I had no choice but to leave …I eventually after soul destroying work that I couldn’t even stand for a week let alone life ended up working for the civil service over qualified but then when I tried to move up they recruited from outside…I worked next to the mother of Maggie philbin…her daughter married Keith chegwin…My 3 kids have always worked…my youngest has taken on zero hours placement agency work…has completed fork lift training only to be let down and left demoralised…he’s taken over qualified zero hours positions where he has seen the dog eat dog attitude…stood up against it and been fired…undeterred he eventually secured a job with a contract working for a windscreen company where he excels…still not able to secure a stable future he is now taking his HGV licence…passed his theory about to take his practical…All it his own cost of £1500…he has a job waiting for him once he passes…If a financial (and corrupt judicial ) slavery system remains in place where it’s not possible to support your family except via family tax credits (or income support) and child benefit…then surely we have come to a line in the sand where we should collectively stand together and say NO MORE…

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(Barbara Deane) #85

By all means take off all my posts as you never seem to accept or appreciate my

(Helen Wright) #86

Again not replying to anyone in particular…,are we not arguing amongst ourselves whilst the true culprits in banking and politics and agencies and law are getting away with murder…literally…,??? “The slavery system” has 3 rings of protection protecting its core of corruption…1) Outer ring the theatrics of politics/politicians…2) “Law enforcement”…3) The judicial system…

(Helen Wright) #89

I agree it’s not about arguing amongst ourselves…In the bigger picture ALL debt is fictitious…it’s an illusion…same as taxes…a divide and conquer strategy a la Agenda 21…keeps us all divided and running on a treadmill…keeps us all blinkered and fighting amongst ourselves…pointing fingers at each other whilst the real instigators of misery on our planet continue to get away with murder genocide ethnic cleansing child trafficing and paedophilia at the highest levels…

(Barbara Deane) #91

But Harry you do not sound contented just angry.

Contented to me is the Video scene of Darling Buds of May and to be to be honest
whether you like it or not the whole series…the entire script describes contentment.
And if it was not for the woes of Brexit, complicated paper work and extreme weather it is close to how
I could describe life here in our region.
Although Pam Ferris s amazing rustic feasts are slightly more indulgent
I must read about the author and find out more.

But the question of sensitivity.

Well I truly believe that women are naturally far more sensitive to the feelings of others
and therefor will express these feelings in a special manner.
Do you all see this is a failing amongst men …I think that some of you do.
I see it as it is a difference.
Connected to hormones.
This will have an impact on the style of the way a person dresses, their feelings and the
way they express those feelings.
Possibly this is something you have not thought about.
Call the Midwife is hardly a drama which will appeal to every one but for those who had
a glimpse of the early sixties there will see all the daily situations come to life in front of their
eyes down to the last detail.
The simple enjoyments which brought happiness, the togetherness of the neighbourhood,
the proverty and the struggle to put this poverty behind them.
The personalities of each character come alive with good acting and a great script.

Most of you go off topic…much of the time.

But I too feel…as I have said that British people do not want to work in the fields any longer
with of course a few exceptions. Hard to remember that back then the only holiday where the
family could gather together was to pick hops or possibly strawberries and stay in farm
Life has changed a lot since then and peoples expectations have matured.
But with the all progression comes the side effects.
So with Brexit we…or those who live by it well they have turned their apple cart upside down.
In turn, of course it is not only the farmer who suffers but the consumers, the transporters…those who supply the petrol…every one.
I live surrounded by vines and I notice that even on a day like yesterday which was 0 out there the
vines workers were there pruning. At the edge of the field a neat row of cars awaited the men and women to take them back to a nice warm home.

(stella wood) #92


Harry… we cannot do anything about how the Thread meanders… let’s just try to keep things on an informative/calm/friendly footing… :grinning:

(Timothy Cole) #93

@Helen6 I assume you’re talking about the world in general and not just the UK?

@Barbara_Deane The guys you see clipping vines, are they young? Our youngest son tried that a couple of weeks ago and lasted four days, couldn’t keep up with the pace.

(Dominic Best) #94

The book The Darling Buds of May was written by HE Bates. It is a great read. The TV series is true to his script and when you read the book, written a long time ago, it’s hard to imagine anyone other than David Jason and Pam Ferris playing the parts. Well worth reading.

(Barbara Deane) #95

I am not sure of ages…
Before we moved in we stayed in another property on a small vineyard
and the owners father was working on the land he was in his eighties and the owners wife
was working in the vines sometimes in deep winter. She is in her fifties.
That winter we had minus 7 or worse.
Mighty hard work and it is bitterly cold even if you are wearing layers…you still need to be
able to move freely.
Sax yes Pam Ferris and David Jason just took you there…their characters fitted perfectly.

(Timothy Cole) #96

The reason for the question is that the guys (and ladies) who tend the vines around us are all old or retired, we never see any anyone under 30. I’m gently suggesting that France has a similar issue to the UK with a younger generation that would rather be in McDonalds or Intermarche than outside doing manual work.

(stella wood) #97

Our local woodman is always actively seeking people to help him work the woodlands and terrain in general. It is very hard work and he told me that youngsters may not even last the day… they just leave.

I do know a Brit who managed to last 4 days before he gave up… he was a fit 65 year old… and only trying to help out…but even he had had enough…

This year the woodman is, again, on his own… and, no, I am not volunteering :grin:

(Barbara Deane) #98

I suppose that is to be expected working on the vines or in the woods preparing wood for fires
they are both not dream jobs. For the older generation it has become a way of life and when they
come home late afternoon to the fire, hot coffee and the thought of a few hrs of relaxation it seems
like heaven.

(Helen Wright) #99

Yes I am probably talking about the world in general but the “U.K. “ is one of the biggest contributors to perpetuating global misery or more accurately not the U.K…not Great Britain…not Britain or whatever politically correct “country” we are supposed to be…but just ONE square mile based within London England that has its own police force and its own rules and regulations and immunity and unaccountability and is most definitely not serving the best interests of the people…us ordinary folk…(along with Washington DC and Vatican City)…