EU members not coming to Uk to work creating problems for farmers


(Dominic Best) #57

As my other post is meant to point out when is a job avaliable? In the UK there might be x number of low paid jobs avaliable but is there enough local unemployment to fill them.? The video showed a farm in Cornwall. Cornwall is a county where the cost of living and especially house prices, is out of sync with local wages. People moving to work picking cabbages, or daffodils, in Cornwall will need to balance the advantages of paid employment against the cost of finding accommodation, keeping in contact with family etc. It’s not as simple as matching vacancies and the number of unemployed.

(Timothy Cole) #58

Something will have to happen as this is a problem that isn’t going to go away unless there’s a sudden downturn in employment in which case people will take any jobs going. The areas where the majority of fruit and veg are grown have pretty much the lowest unemployment figures in the UK so the locals can’t fill the vacancies.

(stella wood) #59

@tim17 … Could be returning to yester-year when folk from London went hop-picking in Kent… :grinning:

(Timothy Cole) #60

Before my time Stella, obviously a nostalgic memory for you. :wink:

(stella wood) #61

I recall tales of my London relations… loads of folk, going on holiday to Kent to pick Hops.

Very basic board and lodgings plus some pocket money… and, in those days, they were extremely happy with the arrangement… whether you and I would consider this a “holiday”… mmmm, not sure we would… :heart_eyes:

(Timothy Cole) #62

I guess it would have been a healthy alternative to working in the smog of London.

(Dominic Best) #63

Unemployment is high in Cornwall where the video was filmed.
If you can remember the TV programme, The Darling Buds of May, staring David Jason and Katherine Zeta Jones, one of the episodes was about seasonal workers fruit picking in Kent.

(michael archer) #64

The best feel-good tv series ever made, when you are on a downer watch any episode of The darling buds of May and then you will feel a lot better until the next Tax bill arrives through your letterbox.

(Dominic Best) #65

I’ve got the box set of DVDs.

(Barbara Deane) #66

The Darling buds of May is a tonic at any time. Perfek.

(Timothy Cole) #67

Unemployment in Cornwall is about 3.7% according to the ONS which is below the national average.

(Dominic Best) #68

There is huge seasonal unemployment, lots of self employed people relying on benefits and the Redruth Camborne conurbation rates with the poorest parts of Europe. Mind you if the figures mean that much to you you can ignore the situation on the ground.

(Timothy Cole) #69

I’m just repeating government figures nothing more.

(Barbara Deane) #70

Any one can play around with figures…the truth is and reality is what matters.
What do some accountants do.
Sorry new keyboard can not find the question mark.

(Timothy Cole) #71

Don’t disagree that numbers can be used in so many ways (just look at the Brexit bus) but it’s interesting that no one disputes bad figures (think NHS waiting lists) whereas good ones (unemployment numbers) don’t reflect reality. Who to believe hey.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(stella wood) #72

I’m so pleased we have found something to agree on…

(Barbara Deane) #73

For me Call the Midwife is spot on.

(Mandy Davies) #74

I’ve never seen this. When was it on TV? Whenever it was I bet it was on a Sunday evening.

You can’t beat Sunday night television for a bit of comfort. My favourite was probably All Creatures Great & Small. Have the boxed set and have read the books over and over.

Anyone who knows the program will remember Carol Drinkwater who played Helen Herriot in the first few series. She lives in France now, near Cannes, and has an olive farm.

Sorry, a bit off topic I know.

(stella wood) #75

Hi Mandy… yes, she wrote a book… I have it somewhere…

DB of May was fabulous and I have now added it to our list of dvd’s to buy for next winter’s viewing…:heart_eyes:

(Timothy Cole) #76

Some people are easily pleased, every week the same thing happens - midwife delivers baby. Even I could write the script!:wink: