Euro pet passport

I have a UK passport for my 3 dogs, which is obviously fine until the 31st December. As I’m planning in being in France until 2/3rd January I’m thinking about getting an EU pet passport from my local vet.
Does anyone know roughly how much they charge for these in France?
Many thanks in advance :grinning:

They are about €100 (not as easy as you would think due to the microchips), but not sure why you would want to get them anyway. Probably better to get a rabies antibody assay done asap, and the results put into existing passports.

Will the UK accept EU pet passports after December 31st.?

Yes, the problem is getting your pet into the EU with a UK pet passport.

@Saints60, due you live in the UK or France?

In transition. I’m planning to be in France before the end of the year, but I will need to go back to the UK from time to time.

Why not contact DEFRA for a real answer?

Ah ha! Nothing is clear in this debacle and Bojo’s “leading” from isolation. Well let’s see what happens on Thursday.

I agree, they have been most helpful in the past.

I once delivered a dog under the old scheme (6 months wait after rabies) to a lady who came over to meet me in Ouistreham. After handing him over for her return trip I was still in the car park when I got an urgent call, apparently BF were refusing to allow her to board as the dates/times of the jab and insertion of the chip were in the wrong order. Eventually they were persuaded to ring Defra who after hearing all the circumstances, told BF to let her go but advised her to start again with a new passport once back in Blighty. :slightly_smiling_face:

All depends on our status after we leave.

Helpline phone number

0370 241 1710

My understanding is, if you get the rabies antibody titer test done in the UK you will have to wait 3 months, if you get it done in France before we leave it is 1 month.
If you are coming across to France just after we leave you will need to get the test done just now before the 28th of November.

We came with 2 cats in 2019. UK petpass port, but also had the antibody test done and incorporated to the UK passport.
This year 2020 I brought a kitten from Germany. EU pet passport, all vaccinations done. Fell foul of import notifications. Apparently one has 48hrs from date of arrival in France to get pet registered by French vet. Major upset of the applecart!
Was accused by Charente praefecture that I attempted to bring in a ‘rabid’ animal and fines up to 300.000Euros or jail if the cat (which had never left the breeders house before) had rabies.
So - new antibody test 95Euros, 6 months quarantine (at home thank god) with a monthly health check by our vet and another rabies shot in the Spring. Got off lightly!
Whatever you do - check with your French Vet if the UK passport can be transferred into a French EU Passport and also check with DEFRA what the import regs are after Dec. 31st…
Had a cat in UK quarantine twice for 6 months at a time before pet passports existed.
Kitty Concentration Camp was more appropriate name…

I spoke to my local vet and it is not possible to exchange a UK pet passport for an EU one, you have to start again but I am not sure that they need to be re-chipped, I think it may only be the rabies vaccination that needs doing. Also, shd said that France have changed to rabies vaccination every three years instead of every year like it was.

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No consistency then, ours said it would not be a problem at the moment as the UK one is an EU passport you are only changing country of issue.
We have done it both ways in the past Poland to UK and UK to Germany.

Our dog had one last week, approx 60 euros for 3 years.

From a article I read.

"On moving to France with a UK pet passport there is currently no obligation to change it for a French version, as it is still a recognised EU document due to the Brexit transition period, however you are entitled to change if you so wish and this is likely to be a useful precaution to avoid complications after the transition period if you regularly travel with your dog.

After the transition period (unless there is a specific agreement on this) a UK EU pet passport will not be considered valid by EU countries. Britain would still recognise it for entry to the UK but it would cause complications on return to France.

A veterinary nurse at FamilyVets in Paris said: “At the moment a British pet passport is considered to be a European pet passport but this is going to change. If a British person living in France wants to change for a French pet passport they need to present the pet’s papers including vaccinations – it’s obligatory for the pet to have been vaccinated against rabies and to be chipped. We can log all this information in a French passport with no problem. It would just cost the price of a consultation plus €19 for the passport.”

I changed the UK passports to French for my two cats about a year ago. No problem at all Vet obviously had to check that their injections for up to date, but since she sees the cats on a regular basis there’s no problem. I’m sorry I can’t immediately remember how much it was but a phone call to your vet will tell you.

Our wonderful vets have told us that they will transfer all the information into a EU passport for free. We just take in the UK one whenever we need it, no consultation needed, the nurses will transfer the info. If I were you, I would get the rabies antibody blood test done asap, if you haven’t already. This will be the most important document after the end of the transition period.

Went into our vet today, they took blood from Dolly for the rabies antibody titer test and told us they will phone for us to come in and fill out the new French EU pet passport within 3 weeks, done deal.

If anyone’s vet tells you otherwise they are talking bollocks :wink::slightly_smiling_face: if anyone is wanting/needing to do this they need to get moving now.

From memory, about 60 EUR ?

19 Euro for the passport and 109 Euro for the blood test and consultation.