EV - buy or wait?

Silly me, I got my units confused. So the beef abstention argument is just a load of hot air :wink:


The next Directive is Humans will be taxed on their farts.

EV drivers have to stop for three hours to recharge their vehicles after every 45 minutes of driving.

This revelation come from an authoritive source reported only yesterday, in Florida, by non other than the ex-President of the United States.

As true as everything else he utters. .

Sadly the morons who follow him will believe it, as well as the usual EV haters.

I think we must assume that he is slightly biased because, of course, he believes the climate crisis is someone else’s hoax.

He went on to claim that Biden has forced up the price of bacon by four times. I know we can take this with a pinch of salt because Americans believe bacon is made from beef so they are totally confused.


That is why they cut the research budget for mik floats and directed it to ICE research (synthetic fuels) ala Porsche. Also they are looking to close the Q7 line in Belgium.

I find it hard to understand why VW would spend research money on alternative fuels for ICEs when it seems obvious that the rest of the World has already chosen the EV route – whatever you think the pros and cons are for EVs (or to use the Daily Mail vernacular “milk floats”)

I recently watched a YouTube clip where one of these self-proclaimed “influencers” was ranting about problems with electric cars. He was standing beside a busy highway to add gravitas to his spiel. He had to keep pausing because the roar of passing traffic was drowning out his explanation. He seemed to completely miss the irony of the situation.

Well, it’s the Q8 line rather than the Q7 line. And if you read the Audi press releases on this, you’ll find out why. It’s no real mystery, and everything to do with a drop in sales of their earlier high end luxury models, which are being supplanted with newer models based upon the Premium Platform Electric.

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It’s not that they have cut the development budget for electric cars, it’s that they haven’t cut the budget for ICE developments as was earlier projected. It’s still 2/3 electric and 1/3 ICE. As for synthetic fuels, that’s mainly driven by top of the range marques like Bugatti, Lamborghini and Bentley.

Surely a pinch of Nitrates?

IMHO they are all badge engineered cars driven by either chauffeurs or people with more money than taste :face_with_hand_over_mouth: If one wants a “real” Lambo it has to be a Miura, real Bugattis stopped being built in '52 (and many would argue pre-war) and there hasn’t been a real Bentley since Royce emasculated the brand (and the man) in '31. These new abominations are as relevant to the originals as the new MGs are to Morris Garages :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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This two way battery technology seems interesting. However, in the R5 at least, it won’t feed back into your home, you can just use it to charge other batteries or power other eletrical devices. It’s an optional extra too. I’ve set up a test drive in an R5 for when they hit the showrooms. It looks like a perfect local runaround.

This is a good start. It’s not far from there, to having it power your home or at least act as a backup generator.

ISTR even the Inster, bottom level new EV coming soon, has a place where you can plug in an ordinary electric device. (formerly known as the Hyundai Casper).

Just need one of these beauts and you are all set.

[seriously, this is a BAD idea]

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IMO its appalling, such a small step as you say so why on earth didnt they do the whole job properly?


cheap car
low power
not a huge battery relatively
I’m guessing it will have a relatively low Amps ability so only some devices connectable initially

But it’s a start.

This is where Asian manufacturers innovate and not just at the rich buyers end.

Whereas European car manufacturers can’t be ar$ed and sit around asking for protection from better competition and subsidies to buyers of their relatively poor and doggedly unsuitable products.