EV - buy or wait?


Which is not especially quick - but you do get a lot of torque in EV’s which gives a lot of immediacy to the acceleration so I understand it can feel faster than you might think.

I’m struggling - on the one hand depreciation might not be an issue as the plan would be to buy one and drive it until it fell apart (hoping that will be > 20 years if it’s a BMW).

On the other hand:

The trouble is that all the things that I like are way too expensive :slight_smile:

Nice car and it looks well too. A worthy successor to the venerable Golf. I was disappointed with the ID 4’s styling and the four wheel drive version seems very expensive. Friends of mine have one on order (I don’t know if it’s 4X2 or 4X4) so I’ll see how they get on.

My BMW was falling apart after only 5 years - and damned expensive to repair!

I have switched from BMW to Honda and Kia - and very pleased to have done so.

I lived in Dubai for three years and a standing joke was that the official temperature never reached 50 because the poor devils on building sites could stop work then and shelter. Back to our exchange earlier, the working conditions and accommodation in Dubai for manual workers was pretty grim.

We can’t afford a new EV but as I’m seeing the potential of finances improving I’m seriously considering a 2ndhand hybrid. I like the fuel capacity of the hybrid diesels and we’ve always had them and dh likes working on them and knows the ins and outs of that particular engine (which has turned him off after initial enthusiasm as they are a PITA to work on - same engine as my C4 I had in Oz apparently - want to change the air filter - pull half the front end off (he replaced it with some very fancy doesnt’ need changing one :rofl:).

I think we are just going to run our cars into the ground (IF we can get them past the CT hurdles we currently have!) and worry about it again in 2 / 4 years! ? At the end of the day the environmental cost of trashing a working car and building a new one is far higher than a few years of a fairly OK / low L / K diesel. Would actually be interesting to see the ‘cost’ of all the stuff going into a new car!

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Don’t! OH is upset about scrapping our old car which is perfectly fine but has got to a venerable age and so possibly being unreliable. And where we live that is not on. But an ageing RHD is unsaleable here, so the prime is economically sensible rather than environmentally……sad.

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We feel the same about our RHD Multipla, such a workhorse, ALWAYS starts, great for towing, take the seats out, she’s a van etc. She failed her last MOT as there was an oil leak so dh changed all sorts of gaskets (had to take the engine out I seem to remember) and so (*&^^%$ frustratingly when we took it in it was stil leaking so failed. he then discovered that the new certain gasket often fail so he has to do it all again so we can get her through. Now our other car (Punto) has just failed first part of MOT so needs all sorts doing, parts either here or on the way! Luckily have friends with lots of cars so have borrowed one until we can get it fixed!

ETA they didnt’ lend us the cool old Porshe soft top, nor even the SAAB softtop - not good friends at all :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I have waded through all the comments of the seemingly all Male petrol head (soon to be replaced by electric head) enthusiasts and am losing the will read more.
I enjoy driving and as long as the vehicle I am driving starts and stops when I tell it to and does what it should in between then I am happy.
@JaneJones apologies in advance for the all Male reference.

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An odd comment - no one is making you read it so why drop by just to be snarky.

So, climate change does not bother you?

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I had wondered this my RHD 15 year old Honda CRV may be replaced in the next 12-18 months - is there any trade in value?

Not sarky at all, simply an observation, it seems to be a drift towards a what great cars I have or have had.

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I do my bit but draw the line at spending 1000’s on a battery car when my current diesel motors have years of life left in them which k intend to use which I suspect will overall have less impact on the planet than the environmental cost of manufacturing just one EV vehicle from scratch.


I could sell mine in the UK for around £3k, but cost of getting it there and getting us back and so on (plus CT coming up at end of month and it only barely got through the pollution stuff last time) make it uneconomic. Local garage offered us €500 for parts. There are online sites to sell RHD here, but they the prices are small and it is a lot of hassle -if it were LHD no problem!

So the prime à la conversion seemed sad but sensible….

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My exact thoughts from earlier!

When our multipla dies dies I think it will have to be for us too!

Did you get the work done at a BMW dealer or independent?

There do seem to be more complaints generally that BMWs (and other German marques) are not bolted together as well as they used to be. That seems true of most things - I bought some shelves for the garage recently, considerably thinner and wobblier than the shelves I bought from the same company 4-5 years ago despite the same (supposed) weight capacity per shelf.

I suspect most “Petrol Head” conversations have an element of that.

That’s always the question isn’t it - there’s another thread somewhere about the true environmental impact of EVs; BMW are making the claim that their EV manufacturing is carbon neutral (really?) and no rare earth metals are involved - but there’s no escaping the fact that most cars need a lot of raw materials which need to be mined, refined and transported to produce the finished item.

My existing car is 15 years old and only does 30mpg with a following wind (and quite a strong one at that), even our “new” car is 5 years old and we’ve no plans to change at the moment - I don’t feel I’m unnecessarily burdening the planet with the manufacture of new vehicles.

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We haven’t flown anywhere for years, and are very careful with resources generally. So I feel ethically comfortable with changing our polluting diesel (you should see what comes out of it when we try to clear the exhaust!) for a nearly new electric one.

Moving house to somewhere which didn’t need heating for 5 months of the year, and driving to get to anything, would actually be the most carbon efficient solution. But all we each can do is make little changes where we can.


Not meaning this in a bad way but your arguments (comments ) are all old prejudicial comments and wrong in just about every respect. Building a new EV and running it for 10 years easily benefits the planet compared to a diesel and by a big margin when you take into account the fuel mining, refining, and delivery its crazy.

You miss my point.
Are you suggesting that the fuel, in this case diesel, to transport me perhaps 100,000 to 150,000 miles over the next 10 years in my already manufactured vehicles will cost more to produce than 1 electric car during that same period,I think not. If EVs are the future then fine but a race to dump all the current vehicles at break neck speeds in favour of this relatively new concept is indeed crazy.

Prefixing your comment with"Not meaning this in a bad way but" is in my book the same as “with all due respect” and other similar phrases !!

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