EV - buy or wait?

Did I say hydrogen was the solution to all the problems :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking: EV’s bring their own set of problems with them, no matter how rose tinted a picture you paint, not every place is like your road.

We’ll see how things pan out.

Can you make ethanol from humans? Asking for a friend, obviously.

I struggled through most of the thread :grin: very long now!

It’ll be very interesting to see how all this plays out, but frankly, I think many many folks out there just wont be able to afford the new technology, and I think the cost and time to set up the infrastructure to be adequate for the masses is going to take years and years to realise - it’s going to be a very long uphill journey. And to convert the world?? Well, go to all those less developed locations and imgaine them driving around in alternative energy vehicles… won’t happen for a very long time, and they’re the significant populations that really need to be converted to have the intended environmental impact. Anyone been to India???

Pretty much your whole comment could have been applied to the transition from horses to horseless carriages. When new tech ceases to be new it drips down to the masses.
Cost will fall and take up will increase. Yes in far flung parts they will continue for much longer but all reductions are good.

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Decades and decades, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, a lot of countries in Africa etc, many don’t even have electricity never mind a car, even in the UK having to put in new cabling and the charge points in most of our cities will cause huge disruption, things have to change but it’s going to be a huge, immense job to do it and cost hundreds of billions.

Like France putting in mains drainage? But it will offer employment just as running in gas and electricity everywhere has done whilst other industries die out.

So how long to you reckon to get everything done in the UK and then the rest of the world then, 10,20,30,40,50 …+…years

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Indeed, but look how long the transition will be - think many of us will be more than 6ft under by the time the tech becomes anywhere near prevalent. Don’t get me wrong, great idea, but still think more politices attached to all this rather than genuine need to do good, and where on earth will all the funding come from for the infrastructure, especially now, when Governments have borrowed massively…

Any transition will take a very very long time before this gets anywhere near mainstream.

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Whether you like it or not, petroleum powered cars will be around for a long, long time yet.

Unfortunately yes, that’s the reality. I wish it wasn’t the case, but the obstacles are massive, and we all know how long it takes Governements to react and implement, almost anything. Remember Brexit, how many years was that of agonising and pain, and they’re still batting it around…

True both of you. It certainly won’t be quick. It is quite surprising they have gone as quick as they this far.
I think Elon(love him or not) has showed how it can be done.
With Nio and BYD importing into Europe and UK, Norway etc it puts a lot of pressure on our manufacturers, VW now realise this.
When you consider oil pipelines that run from the middle east through soviet states etc stuff happens when the big money sees profits, hence the “green hydrogen” by various very very wealthy people.

And will be one of the new industries - like the railroads were in the past - that will make billionaires and will be one of the many, many climate change opportunities that so few seem to talk about positively. I am so glad I am living at this moment in time. This truly is a brave new world.

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