EV - buy or wait?

That’s an easy one. Break into an armory or where guns are to be found, if things go tits up you make your own laws money will have no value.

Ah, I’m talking about what they are doing now - not some future date when everything has gone tits up. Do you not think the uber-rich will be well-prepared? After all, there’s a bunch of them who are busy finding ways to get off this planet in the not too distant future

They would have seized up, oil seals gone rock hard and split. Valves rusted.

Not necessarily, I’ve started a 60 year old engine without all your problems :wink:
Anyway back to Mad Max, In the middle of a chase, wait for me I’ll be back in a couple of hours once I have recharged and we’ll continue where we left off :laughing:

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Elysium the film springs to mind here. Quite frightening in places but shows a side of how the filthy rich survive against the rest of humanity that are left on earth. Well worth a watch if you havn’t seen it.

Who’s going to dig out the oil? Whos going to refine it? If you cannot buy it off Amazon the kids today dont know how to do it let alone the next gen.:flushed:

So your saying no oil products will not be produced in the future, wow :face_with_spiral_eyes:
I think it safe to say refineries will be around in some form for quite some time to come, it’s not just petrol and diesel that’s produced in the world :wink:

The difficulty is saying exactly what would happen if society did completely break down - barter might be much more important for example, certainly early on.

Yes, wealthy individuals can afford private armies (as they did throughout history) - but they need feeding, equipping etc and mercenaries’ loyalty might not last if their stomachs are empty (who was it that said society is only three meals away from anarchy?).

Obviously I’m hoping we avoid a doomsday scenario - but when we have a very small number of extremely wealthy, self interested and self centred individuals who’s actions tend only to exacerbate the situation I’m not 100% sure that we will.


Serious question for you Corona , when do you think the last petrol and diesel for cars/vans/trucks will be produced in quantity, when will ICE vehicles final be off the roads and be replaced by EV’s, a rough date.

It will be the 17th of October 2073 in the afternoon :thinking:


Too inaccurate :yum::laughing:

About 3PM, I think.

Seriously, it might be available in small quantities for vintage vehicles for a very long time (assuming no doomsday scenario, of course).


The difficulty is saying exactly what would happen if society did completely break down - barter might be much more important for example, certainly early on.

Perhaps I ought to revive this :slight_smile:

A letter to friends about my life in SW France January 2050 (if the world does nothing)

In your Mad Max scenario there will only be oil to run ICE vehicles until the refined stocks run out. The refineries will cease to function without the massive amount of electricity currently supplied to them by large grids (apart from those in suitable climates with enough space for their own solar farms, as has happened in Texas).

In other words, the clever survivors will have EVs that can be charged from off-grid power, be it wind, solar, hydro or all three.

I will also mention the lower maintenance demands of EVs - very important once getting spares becomes impossible.

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This is what was feared UK would become after Brexit.

Oh, right…

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It’s a moot point really as everywhere will be under 50 ft of water due to climate change melting all the ice on earth :wink:
Waterworld here we come :yum:

There’s a gap in the market here and in the trade press I’ve seen a few snippets that China has companies that sound to be getting into replacement ‘compatible’ batteries.

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The absolute worst case is held to be a 70m rise in sea level, so there will be quite a lot of dry land left. Admittedly that means I will have two sea front properties :rofl:

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Everyone perched on a hill, great, Scotland would be ok :yum:

However, no one actually expects all the polar ice to melt, and certainly not by 2100.